App Jam 2012 Customer Awards – Submit your own Nominations today!

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Our first North American user conference is coming up in a few weeks, and we’ve decided we’d like to take this opportunity to honor some of our awesome customers with a few awards, to be announced at AppJam:

App Man of the Year. Also known as the “empty inbox” award, this award is for the AppDynamics customer that has demonstrated the biggest impact at his organization by implementing AppDynamics. Impact can be measured in a number of ways—everything from productivity savings to improved uptime to reduced number of support tickets. If you think you and your sidekick, AppDynamics, have saved your company from the forces of bad performance, send us your story. Extra points if it’s in comic book form.

Top Gun. Every AppDynamics customer has a story about the time they found the bottleneck and saved the day. The winner of this category will be the person with the best troubleshooting story with AppDynamics. Have you ever found an issue in less than five minutes? Or found a bottleneck that has been plaguing you for months? Or even just encountered something so weird you can’t help but tell the story again and again?  I bet none of you said, “That’s a negative, Ghost Rider.”

The B’Oscar. Many of our customers submit feature requests to our dev team, and a lot of them make it onto our product roadmap. This award will go to the person or organization that has suggested the coolest, most creative, or generally badass feature request that has ever made it into our product. The award is named in honor of our VP of Product Experience – the guy who makes your feature requests a reality ­– Bhaskar Sunkara.

Elastic Fantastic. This award is for the organization that has scaled their application the most dramatically in their time as an AppDynamics customer. The winner of this award will be someone who works for a company facing tremendous growth and change, and yet they’ve ensured that their application kept pace with that change, every step of the way. I’m sure for some of you, that won’t be a stretch.

2 Fast 2 Furious. Do you have more than one code release per week? Per month? How about per hour? This award is for the most agile AppDynamics customer. Tell us how often you release code, and how you use AppDynamics to cope with the repercussions of your agile development regime, to be considered for this award.


DevOps Daddy-O. We all love DevOps, but how many of us can actually say that we work on a DevOps team? The winner of this award will be the AppDynamics customer that has most successfully implemented the DevOps methodology. Also known as the “Group Hug” award.

The Appvengers. This award goes to the organization with the most successful deployment of AppDynamics across multiple teams. The more AppDynamics users you have, the more likely you are to conquer evil in your application – and to win this award.

The Mooch. We have a free product, too, and we want to honor the hard-working individuals who have gone to incredible lengths to solve performance issues without giving us money. This prize goes to the person who has done the most for their app just using AppDynamics Lite. And because we know your boss is probably pretty cheap, if you win this award we’ll pay for your flight to App Jam.

If you’re an AppDynamics customer (or Lite user) and you’d like to apply for an award, please send us an email with a brief paragraph of why you think you deserve it. If you’ve already sent us an X-ray for our X-ray competition, feel free to submit that instead.

Finalists will be contacted in the weeks before App Jam to make sure they’re planning on attending, and the winners will be announced on our special dinner cruise in the San Francisco bay, occurring the evening of the event on September 27th.

If you haven’t yet registered for App Jam, do it now! We want to see your smiling face, and hear what you have to say about our product, but you can’t come if you don’t sign up.

See you in San Francisco!