AppD Summit Europe Kicks Off Today

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Join over 1,000 attendees from 30 countries in the learning, networking, and fun at the kickoff of AppD Summit Europe 2017. Learn more about the conference details.

First London. Next, The World.

AppDynamics has been a global company for most of our eight years of existence. But as every new company knows, no matter how much technology shrinks the world, breaking into overseas markets is a tricky and slow process. We’re looking to get a big boost today with the kickoff of AppD Summit Europe 2017, our first major overseas user conference.

It’s another milestone in what continues to be an exciting time at AppDynamics. AppSphere 2016 in Las Vegas was a big hit. We were getting ready for our IPO, then suddenly we were acquired by Cisco. We just had our Spring ‘17 release. Now we’re putting on this big show in London, the highlight being that we’ll be there with our European customers, who’ll be sharing how much AppDynamics has helped their business in front of over 1,000 attendees from 30 countries.

We’ll also have multiple breakout sessions, featuring leaders from companies and organizations like Credit Suisse, Specsavers, Barclays, Standard Bank, British Medical Journal, and DevOps Guys. Plus, there will be a full day dedicated to hands-on training and certification courses. We’re really looking forward to making a big, valuable splash across the pond and beyond.

The Proliferation of High Expectations

We don’t sell the latest gadgets, clothing, or even music, but at the center of it all will be applications, capable of all kinds of amazing things. As an AppDynamics employee and evangelist, that gets me excited about our role in changing the world. I envision our technology ensuring that an educational app is up to the task of teaching a child in a developing nation. Then I imagine that same child, now an adult, using apps to buy — or even sell — goods online as the country’s economy grows. And we’ll be there, making sure that that app works well.

Call me a dreamer, but I imagine a world where everyone is so used to perfectly running apps — thanks to us and our amazing performance-driving technology — that even in the most remote society, people will groan and roll their eyes if an app hangs up for a second and a half. Every person on Earth will have high expectations, just like we have here in the tech center of the world, all thanks to our hard work at AppDynamics. And it all starts today, at AppD Summit Europe.

Now it’s time to join in the learning, networking, and fun. We’re looking forward to it.

AppD Summit Europe 2017 Conference Details

When: May 3-4, 2017

Where: InterContinental London – The O2

More Information: Take a look at the AppD Summit Europe Agenda

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