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Learn more about AppD Summit Europe day 2, a day devoted to Application Performance Monitoring training, hands-on labs, and AppDynamics certification.

Look around. Promises are nothing, performance is everything. That’s just as true for developers and operations engineers as it is for the apps they’re responsible for managing. In the tech field, top performers are worth roughly 300 times that of the average knowledge worker, according to an estimate by Google’s VP of Engineering. He also said he’d rather lose an entire class of engineering graduates than one exceptional technologist.

If you want to command that kind of market value, salary, and respect, performance has to be your No. 1 metric. Improving your own performance depends on a better understanding of what customers expect and what drives revenue. The engines of online commerce today are technologies like Java and .NET applications, continuous integration, and cloud migrations.

Someone is going to have to take charge of application performance monitoring (APM) for every online organization, and that someone should really be you. The way to prove yourself is by mastering high-end performance tools and learning advanced management techniques directly from some of the brightest minds in the industry. You need a mentor, whether virtual or physical.

Learn From Tech Leaders and Peers

The road to better performance begins at AppD Summit Europe, May 3 – 4 at the InterContinental London (The O2) on the Thames, just north of Greenwich Park. The first day will consist of keynotes from industry leaders and a day of breakout sessions on practical issues in DevOps. Day 2 will be devoted to APM training, hands-on labs, and AppDynamics certification. Right now, passing the exam on Day 2 is the only way to get AppDynamics-certified and become a DevOps rockstar.

Even those who aren’t going for the certification have a great deal to gain from this event. You can sit in on keynote talks from tech heavyweights to hear an insider’s view of where your industry is headed. You can bring your own ideas to the table at breakout sessions with peers facing similar issues. You can try out creative solutions firsthand with demos hosted by AppDynamics product gurus.

You may have seen the coverage of AppSphere 2016 in Las Vegas, where more than 2,000 attendees gathered to learn, mingle, and get AppDynamics-certified. Just after May Day this year, the AppD Summit Europe will be AppDynamics’ flagship European conference.

This year’s event will bring together customers, partners, and app enthusiasts who are redefining excellence in performance through industry insights and education. You’ll learn to transform user engagement, implement business agility, get tips and tricks, hear real-life war stories, and develop new skills at interactives like the DevOps Continuous Integration/Delivery Hands-on Lab for advanced professionals.

You can also go deep with an all-day training session on troubleshooting issues with monitoring overall application health, and troubleshooting server, hardware, and business transaction problems. You can even get ahead on some of the hottest topics in DevOps at the moment, like server visibility and mobile analytics.

4 Learning Tracks at the Breakout Sessions

At previous AppDynamics events, attendees have singled out the breakout sessions as particularly valuable. They function as intense networking events that double as real-world case study roundtables. At AppD Summit Europe, the breakout sessions on Day 1 will fall into four learning tracks:

  1. Mastering AppDynamics – These are sessions devoted to mastering the AppDynamics App iQ platform.
  2. Best Practices in APM – For anyone at the beginning of their APM journey or in their first 180 days of working with AppDynamics.
  3. Deliver the Modern Software Stack – This extremely popular track covers everything from getting started with containers to multi-cloud migrations.
  4. Become a World-Class Tech Leader – Drive revenue, strengthen customer loyalty, take charge of digital transformation, and stay one step ahead of the trends.

The Long-Term Value of AppDynamics

What you take away from this conference can massively open up your options for the future, and AppDynamics will be your partner in performance improvement at every step along the way. AppDynamics is always on task, monitoring each line of code to track down network behavior anomalies, resolve issues immediately, and exceed customer performance expectations. That’s what global markets demand from businesses today and it explains why AppDynamics has taken up residence in the top right corner of Gartner’s APM magic quadrant.

“AppDynamics is your partner in performance improvement at every step along the way … and that is why AppDynamics has taken up residence in the top right corner of Gartner’s application performance monitoring magic quadrant.”

This is your chance to get on the AppDynamics bandwagon just like Cisco, which spent $3.7 billion to acquire AppDynamics earlier this year. Rob Salvagno, head of Cisco’s M&A team, said, “Cisco’s acquisition of AppDynamics will help its large enterprise clients translate their data into business insights. Customers will now have unprecedented end-to-end insight across their technology stack, from infrastructure to application.”

Now it’s your turn to start stacking up those end-to-end insights and save the day, day after day, with a company that can truly appreciate what you do.

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Omed Habib

Omed Habib is a Director of Product Marketing at AppDynamics. He originally joined AppDynamics as a Principal Product Manager to lead the development of their world-class PHP, Node.js and Python APM agents. An engineer at heart, Omed fell in love with web-scale architecture while directing technology throughout his career. He spends his time exploring new ways to help some of the largest software deployments in the world meet their performance needs.