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I love it when my favorite applications release new features. AppDynamics has shifted to a new release model which enables us to release more features faster while maintaining high quality code. The end result is that you, the users, get the cool features you need without having to wait around for 6 months for a big bang release. So what goodness have we cooked up for you in this release?

Core Product

Awesome RabbitMQ Support – RabbitMQ worked just fine in prior version of AppDynamics but we wanted to make it super easy for you to get the exact instrumentation details you want. You asked for it, we listened, and here it is…


Percentile Metrics – Averages have long been the standard for measuring response time over time but we understand that percentiles can provide additional insight into the distribution of your transaction response times. To arm you with the best information possible we have introduced percentile metrics for all Business Transactions. By default we show 95th percentile but you can change that to whatever you want.


HTML5 Navigation – We’re in the process of shifting our entire UI to HTML. We started with the navigation menus to provide a faster user experience for everyone. HTML5 Navigation menus are now turned on by default.

Java Specific

Open Mbeans – Open Mbeans enable functionality that normal mbeans can’t handle (like gathering tabular data). Open MBeans are now supported by AppDynamics Pro.

GlassFish Appserver Management Extensions (AMX) – If you use GlassFish and monitor using AMX you’re in luck. We now support AMX out of the box and have preconfigured rules to get your AMX data into AppDynamics.

GlassFish AMX

Database Specific

Sybase IQ – Extending our industry leading database support, AppDynamics now officially supports Sybase IQ. If you’ve got a Sybase IQ data warehouse that needs monitoring you’ll want to check out AppDynamics for database monitoring.

PHP Specific

For PHP here is our list of new features

  • 32-bit x86 support
  • Apache 2.4 support
  • RPM Installer
  • memcache as an auto-detected cache exit point


.NET Specific

  • New unified configuration
  • New node naming
  • Improved URL rewrites and BT naming
  • Parameterized installer

This rapid release has more new features than most companies major releases. We’re going to blog in more detail about some of these features in upcoming weeks so keep an eye out. We’ll also keep you updated every time we have a rapid release right here in our blog so be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed (contrary to Googles opinion, RSS is not dead) so you don’t miss out. If you’re not already an AppDynamics customer you can take a free self service trial by clicking here.

Jim Hirschauer

Jim Hirschauer

Jim Hirschauer is a Technology Evangelist for AppDynamics. He has an extensive background working in highly available, business critical, large enterprise IT operations environments. Jim has been interested in application performance testing and monitoring since he was a Systems Administrator working in a retail bank. His passion for performance analysis led him down a path where he would design, implement and manage the cloud computing monitoring architecture for a top 10 investment bank. During his tenure at the investment bank, Jim created new processes and procedures that increased overall code release quality and dramatically improved end user experience.