AppDynamics Drives World Class Agility and Cloud Adoption with Government Agencies

June 15 2020

AppDynamics receives FedRAMP authorization to offer a cloud-based performance monitoring solution to government agencies.

Today’s IT landscape is dynamic and offers cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions to propel innovation. However, for government IT leaders, leveraging these same technologies is extremely challenging due to rigorous compliance and security requirements. As stewards of public interests and sensitive data, government agencies require strict security and data management standards. As a result, government IT leaders endure lengthy and costly security assessments in order to use the cloud-based solutions that simplify the management of increasingly complex applications. When a solution has met both security and technical requirements, it represents a unique opportunity for government IT teams.

That’s why we’re proud to share that AppDynamics has achieved authorization at the moderate impact level from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). With FedRAMP authorization, we’re able to provide government agencies in the United States the leading cloud-based application performance monitoring solution on the market to deliver reliable performance for mission-critical applications, while modernizing their operations and ensuring high security standards.

Ensuring performance and security

The AppDynamics FedRAMP authorized performance monitoring platform provides critical end-to-end visibility into complex application environments and a unified view of the end user experience. With a service flow map that automatically visualizes dependencies across distributed topologies, IT teams can dig into key metrics and investigate performance data to understand application behavior and optimize performance quickly.

What’s more, when government agencies leverage AppDynamics for performance monitoring, they get unprecedented insights into how constituents interact with their browser applications through real user monitoring. This has the added value of enhancing the government’s ability to efficiently provide people with access to important resources, as well as make informed strategic decisions that serve the general public.

Our continued commitment to government agencies

In the midst of a global health crisis that has caused turbulence across every industry and in many people’s personal lives, we’re reminded of the critical role government agencies play in serving the public through access to key resources and information.

We’re proud to offer government agencies access to our FedRAMP authorized performance monitoring solution to ensure delivery of critical digital services that support constituents across the United States.

Learn more about the AppDynamics FedRAMP authorized offering here and visit our Trust Center to learn more about security practices, resilient operations, and compliance.

Ely Greenfield
Chief Technology Officer, AppDynamics

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