AppDynamics and Atlassian Team Up to Make DevOps Better Together

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AppDynamics announce its collaboration with Atlassian in order to provide stronger integrations between AppDynamics and multiple Atlassian tools. Learn more

Atlassian is an undisputed leader in providing tools for DevOps teams to plan, build, track, ship, and collaborate. That’s why we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Atlassian to provide stronger integrations between AppDynamics and multiple Atlassian tools, starting with an improved add-on for JIRA and AppDynamics extension that now supports AppDynamics Virtual War Room integration.

A core principle of DevOps stresses the importance of feedback loops. AppDynamics’ real-time monitoring ensures that you’re aware of changes to your systems and their impact on your business. Atlassian provides numerous tools to ensure the right teams are involved and able to collaborate effectively.

Previous extensions allowed AppDynamics to create and update tickets in JIRA automatically as a part of normal incident management. Our new collaboration enables direct integration into the AppDynamics Virtual War Room, so that updates in the War Room are logged into the associated JIRA ticket, and JIRA users can jump directly into the War Room from the ticket. This helps teams respond to feedback instantly, giving them more time to innovate and drive desired business outcomes.

“Atlassian customers are leading the way in agile development and following best DevOps practices,” said Bryant Lee, Head of Partnerships and Integrations, Ecosystem at Atlassian. “Our collaboration with AppDynamics will give our customers better visibility into their application issues, help resolve issues faster, and allow them to spend more time innovating.”

And this is only the beginning. We’re excited to be speaking at Atlassian Summit in Barcelona this week, where we’ll be sharing more about this integration and previewing some other integrations as a result of this collaboration.

Matt Chotin

Matt Chotin

Matt Chotin is Sr. Director of Developer Initiatives at AppDynamics, charged with leading AppDynamics products to better support developers in improving performance and achieving business outcomes. Prior to AppDynamics, Matt held product leadership roles at Chegg and Adobe and co-founded his own startup.