AppDynamics and ServiceNow Together at AppD Summit Europe

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Today’s enterprises are revamping the way they deliver services. This shift is key to digital transformations and the general trend towards business agility. This realignment must also encompass the way services are procured, provisioned, and operated with an end-to-end process.

Those I speak with have aggressive plans to incrementally adapt IT service management initiatives to get ahead of requirements from the business for resources and services. Most I speak with are either using ServiceNow or are in the process of moving to their increasingly popular and expanding offerings. One such area that ServiceNow has been making strides in is the use of the platform for IT operations specific use cases. In a similar manner, the visibility within IT operations and development is shifting towards user experience and application visibility, something the App iQ platform provides.

The reality is that although minimising the number of monitoring tools in use is a just cause, the practicality of this is not feasible for large organisations, hence the need for event management technologies is increasing. These capabilities are evolving with a few innovators in the market applying new analytics technologies to this old problem. One of these vendors is ServiceNow, and by leveraging the same platform they use for the CMDB, discovery, and ITSM processes, this is a compelling solution for both operational and service management use cases. Using a unified platform makes many of these tasks easier and far more aligned. This alignment is creating new, more efficient workflows for these large and ever complex enterprises.

This is the reason we’ve built a strategic relationship with ServiceNow, including the first version of this integration we released in November 2016. This integration focused on populating the AppDynamics topology into ServiceNow and meeting event management module use cases. Since our initial release, I’ve spoken with hundreds of customers, and we have a solid plan for our next releases. We’ve also built some great content around demos and customer discussions.

We’re thrilled to announce ServiceNow as a major sponsor of AppD Summit Europe, taking place May 3rd and 4th in London, which you can register for here. We’ll be providing a sneak peek into what we’ll be launching during ServiceNow Knowledge, taking place the following week in Orlando, Florida, on May 7th to the 11th. Look for major improvements in the area of reconciliation and CMDB synchronisation for ServiceNow.


Jonah Kowall

Jonah Kowall

Jonah Kowall is the Vice President of market development and insights, helping drive the company’s product roadmap and vision, while developing entry into new markets and providing valuable technology and business insights to fuel the accelerating and broad-based demand for the company’s Application Intelligence Platform. Jonah comes to AppDynamics with a diverse background including 15 years as an IT practitioner at several startups and larger enterprises focused on infrastructure and operations, security, and performance engineering. These included running tactical and strategic operational initiatives, going deep into monitoring of infrastructure and application components. In 2011 Jonah changed careers, moving to Gartner to focus on availability and performance monitoring and IT operations management (ITOM). Jonah led Gartner's influential application performance monitoring (APM) and network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) magic quadrants and research as a research vice president.