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AppDynamics for ServiceNow: More Metrics, More Power

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The latest version of our AppDynamics Service Model features integration with ServiceNow Operational Intelligence and metric anomaly detection.

AppDynamics and ServiceNow have been working together for many years to support our mutual customers. The first version of our alliance (version 1) included the integration of the AppDynamics flow map and application topology into the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). In version 2, we added support for IT operations-specific use cases such as ServiceNow Event Management.

Now we’re unveiling version 3, adding support for ServiceNow Operational Intelligence by integrating metric data seamlessly from AppDynamics. These metrics are delivered via a small integration server called the AppDynamics-ServiceNow Data Sync, which includes a simple web user interface and a new section for metric integration.

The Data Sync uses APIs to pull data from any AppDynamics controller (SaaS or on-premises) and feeds the data to a ServiceNow MID server of your choice. Many of our beta customers have been successfully running this integration on their MID servers for some time. And since this is a small standalone Java application, you can run it anywhere.

In the screenshot below, we’ve highlighted the new section (Metrics Integration) in the left-hand navigation bar:

In this new section, you can create a schedule to import metrics to a specific MID server, as shown below:

You also can import metrics to ServiceNow from your choice of AppDynamics applications. Currently, we provide a default set of metrics including calls per minute, average response time, errors per minute, number of slow calls, number of very slow calls, and number of exceptions. These metrics are shown in ServiceNow views in the Metric Explorer, Event Management or on custom dashboards.

As shown in the screenshots below, metrics are configured for anomaly scoring and alerting based on default or user-defined rules within ServiceNow Operational Intelligence:

We are hard at work planning version 4 of our AppDynamics Service Model Integration. Based on feedback from our customers, we’re focusing on improvements to integration setup and configuration. Our other primary goal is to significantly enhance our CMDB integration and data-import capabilities. The top customer request is for richer data to the CMDB—not just on the application itself, but also on each application component. Our goal is import far more than the minimal component data we bring in today.

We’re working closely with ServiceNow product management to enhance our capabilities and the ServiceNow platform to better support these requirements. We’d like to thank our great customers and ServiceNow, a wonderful partner that works closely with our product management and engineering teams. Please keep the ideas flowing!

Stay tuned for additional details leading up to ServiceNow’s Knowledge 19 conference, where we hope you’ll stop by and chat with our AppDynamics and Cisco reps. We’ll see you in Vegas May 5th through 9th!

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