AppDynamics Innovation Now Certified by SAP

November 21 2018

Our November release of AppDynamics for SAP has some great enhancements that provide clearer visibility into your SAP environment.

AppDynamics has been hard at work innovating for enterprises that rely on SAP technologies. As a leader in CRM, ERP, SCM and other software areas, SAP is a critical system for many organizations. The company continues to gain market share, even in categories with more established players. And with its massive acquisition this month of Qualtrics, a pioneer in experience management software, SAP is preparing to enter yet another market. There’s no doubt this enterprise software powerhouse is here to stay.

AppDynamics’ customers continue to demand better visibility into SAP technologies, and we’re continuing to meet and surpass their expectations. In May 2018, we launched our industry-first ABAP agent, and since then we’ve been releasing new functionality every month. In October, we secured several new certifications from SAP, including the ability to run inside SAP ECC-based systems and the advanced SAP S/4HANA product suite. SAP also provided us with a premium certification, which includes a security code assessment of AppDynamics, giving SAP customers more assurance of our solution when deploying on production systems.

AppDynamics for SAP: Our Latest Release

A week ago we issued our 4.4.1811.0 release, which includes many enhancements, including better flow map visualization for SAPGUI-distributed transactions, such as web service calls and remote RFC calls. As many organizations move from ECC to S/4HANA—including our own customer base—AppDynamics can now go deep into SAP Fiori, the default UI for S/4HANA. We provide automatic injection of our browser and mobile real user monitoring into these systems, which helps immensely when running geographically distributed clients on S/4HANA. This feature has enabled many of our customers to gain a better understanding of front-end performance.

Our November upgrades are just the latest in a series of noteworthy enhancements this year. For example, the biggest feature in our August release allowed us to move from focusing on distributed transactions to being able to go deep into SAPGUI monitoring, which many of our customers still rely upon. We provide deep insights and performance data for individual, slow transactions automatically discovered by AppDynamics for SAP. We also can provide visibility into business transactions from other SAP components, in addition to SAPGUI Dialog transactions.

With a monthly release cadence, including major releases every three months, we have focused on making our SAP product easier to install, upgrade, and collect diagnostics from.

What’s Coming Next

Expect to see more product automation in AppDynamics for SAP. This is part of a broader trend across all AppDynamics products, where we are automating more installation and lifecycle capabilities.

We have a lot of great things planned for our next major release. For instance, we’re planning to add more depth to our diagnostic capture tools, including (but not limited to) call graphs and deeper SQL diagnostics for SAPGUI transactions. We will also be improving support for SAP Process Orchestration (PO) and SAP Process Integration (PI).

Learn more about how the AppDynamics for SAP monitoring solution delivers code-level visibility to optimize performance!

Jonah Kowall
Jonah Kowall is the Vice President of market development and insights, helping drive the company’s product roadmap and vision, while developing entry into new markets and providing valuable technology and business insights to fuel the accelerating and broad-based demand for the company’s Application Intelligence Platform. Jonah comes to AppDynamics with a diverse background including 15 years as an IT practitioner at several startups and larger enterprises focused on infrastructure and operations, security, and performance engineering. These included running tactical and strategic operational initiatives, going deep into monitoring of infrastructure and application components. In 2011 Jonah changed careers, moving to Gartner to focus on availability and performance monitoring and IT operations management (ITOM). Jonah led Gartner's influential application performance monitoring (APM) and network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) magic quadrants and research as a research vice president.

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