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AppDynamics Joins the Cloud Foundry Foundation

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AppDynamics joins Pivotal, IBM, SAP, EMC, Verizon, and others on the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Read More

I’m pleased to announce that AppDynamics is now a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, the nonprofit organization committed to rapid and robust development of the open-source Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service. This organization is playing a critical role in ensuring that the Cloud Foundry ecosystem remains open and available to users, developers, and providers, and that it continues to grow and advance to serve the increasing number of enterprises migrating to the cloud. AppDynamics joins a stellar cast of technology leaders — including IBM, Pivotal, SAP, EMC, Verizon, Akamai and others — to help define and create the future of cloud PaaS.

AppDynamics role with Cloud Foundry is two-fold. First, as a member of the foundation, we’ll offer our unparalleled performance monitoring and cloud experience to help define the standards for the initiative, dedicating resources and contributing code in the true open-source spirit. Second, we’ll create application performance management solutions for our clients who are adopting the Cloud Foundry PaaS.

AppDynamics’ performance credentials for the cloud are impressive. Public, private, or hybrid, we help our customers to realize the full potential of their cloud deployments. Smooth migrations, unprecedented visibility of transactions throughout the cloud, efficient scaling for maximum cost effectiveness — these are just some of the cloud benefits AppDynamics delivers.

The Cloud Foundry open PaaS project, fueled by some of the biggest brands and brightest minds in the technology business, is adding a whole new level of utility and advancing a new dimension of cloud computing in an entirely non-proprietary fashion that is 100% true to the spirit of open source. AppDynamics is proud to be a part of this initiative.