AppDynamics Lite Turns…500

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It’s only been a few weeks, but AppDynamics recently reached the benchmark of 500 downloads of our free product, AppDynamics Lite.

So far the response has been amazing. Dev and ops alike seem to enjoy having a free tool that they can use to troubleshoot java performance in production–as opposed to having to do everything in development with the usual suspects (overhead-causing profiling tools, duct tape and wads of cotton, etc).

So what’s next? Well, AppDynamics Lite is a beta product. We’re continuing to refine it based on user feedback–and we’re going to keep distributing it to the masses. We’re not ever going to charge for it, and we’re going to keep improving it. We continue to believe that it shouldn’t be necessary for IT operations and development teams to pull out their credit cards in order to douse one-off fires in java production environments.

If you’re a user of Lite, we encourage you to visit our forums. This is where we’re offering support for Lite installation and troubleshooting, as well as simply taking in feedback from Lite users. Our engineers monitor the forum constantly (some might say obsessively), and they answer questions as soon as they come in.

And just to make it worth your while…if you use the forums to post an idea for an enhancement that we end up putting into the product, we’ll send you one of our cool, new AppDynamics T-shirts!

So check out AppDynamics Lite and join the forums. We’ll see you there!