AppDynamics Lite Turns 5000!

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It’s a big day for us here at AppDynamics as we mark (and pass!) the 5000th download of AppDynamics Lite! Released just a few months ago, AppDynamics Lite is our free APM tool for troubleshooting Java performance in production.  We hear every day from companies who have deployed Lite in production environments and are using it to solve real problems.  That’s why we built it, and it’s very rewarding to hear about IT Operations professionals and developers getting real value.

We’re very pleased with the wave of enthusiasm that the tool has been able to generate in such a short time.   Here’s just one example: one of our sales reps was speaking to a company this morning, and he asked how they had heard of us.  The prospect said, “I downloaded and used your Lite tool, which my team thought was phenomenal. One of our business requirements was that our potential vendors could give us immediate access to their product and demonstrate their unique approach to application performance management.  You met this requirement–no one else we talked to did. And therefore, you immediately made our short list.”

This conversation represents another goal of ours: removing the friction that typically exists between software companies and evaluators. With Lite, companies can download it whenever they want and put it immediately into action.  No waiting, no negotiating…just instant access.  This strategy works for us because, as a startup, we believe that if someone becomes familiar with our solution, they’ll see that it’s considerably better than the legacy offerings on the market.

The success of the tool continues to demonstrate that there’s unquestionably a need from both dev and ops teams to have greater insight and understanding of performance as they deploy applications across cloud, virtual and physical environments. Companies big and small are taking advantage of AppDynamics Lite already; you might even recognize some of the names (Ikea, Nokia, MasterCard, Dell, FranklinCovey and Samsung among others).

The great thing about AppDynamics Lite (besides the fact that it takes two minutes to download and it’s free), is that with thousands of users worldwide we’ve been able to gather a lot of product feedback in just a few months. Lite has now been deployed on every conceivable combination of Java application servers and application stacks. This means our core agent technology has been battle-tested in many environments, and we’ve been able to incorporate all that feedback into our commercial product. This is quite different than the usual slow feedback loop that exists in traditional enterprise software go-to-market approach. The benefit to our customers and partners is that our technology is mature beyond its years.

As we’ve always promised, we’ll continue to offer AppDynamics Lite for free. Our goal is to empower developers and IT operations teams to combat one-off performance issues as they occur, while giving them a first-hand look at the AppDynamics approach to application performance management.