AppDynamics Lite: Why We’re Giving It Away

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We announced the AppDynamics Lite Edition today, which is available at no charge. It’s the first Java performance troubleshooting tool designed for production environments that can be installed in 2 minutes, and allow people to start troubleshooting problems in less than 15 minutes.

To put it another way, this tool provides 80% of the value of legacy APM providers–and it doesn’t cost a dime. Why are we comfortable giving away such a powerful solution?

Many of us at AppDynamics have spent years supporting mission-critical production environments as developers and performance engineers, and we know how frustrating it is to get any visibility into performance dynamics when all you have available is some logs. In those situations, we always wished we had some simple way to inject instrumentation in the production server and get much more visibility. Unfortunately, that was always a very painful process. By introducing a free tool called AppDynamics Lite, we have ensured that the Java Performance Engineering and Production Support community has that capability.

The job of ensuring performance in production environments has always been difficult. And with the complexity of open-source, SOA, and cloud architectures, it’s not getting any easier. What Production Support teams need to do their job is:

1. Have the ability to quickly troubleshoot when problems happen in production–in other words, a way to engage in the Fire Fight.

2. Be able to proactively monitor the application and identify problems before they start impacting the business.

3. Know how to intelligently analyze monitoring data, identify trends, and plan for future.

4. Be able to automate common remediations (something that becomes very important in the cloud).

With AppDynamics Lite, we are providing the ability to quickly troubleshoot and address a performance Firefight for free–no strings attached. So that’s item #1 you can check off the list.

For items #2-4, you will have to purchase our Standard or the Cloud Editions. But firefighting? That’s free thanks to AppDynamics Lite.

Our motivation to equip the community with a tool that they desperately need, and which they have never had. In doing so, of course, we will create a vibrant user community that will ultimately be receptive to our Standard and Cloud Editions. But in the meantime, we think AppDynamics Lite delivers a pretty sweet deal for both us and the communities we serve–and that it will put out a lot of fires!

Jyoti Bansal

Jyoti Bansal

Jyoti founded AppDynamics in early 2008 with the vision of defining the next-generation of application performance management (APM) solutions for distributed applications running in cloud, virtual, and physical environments. Before founding AppDynamics, Jyoti led the design and architecture for several products at Wily Technology. Jyoti received his BS in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He is the lead inventor on 14 US patent applications in the field of distributed applications management.