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The age of experimentation with digital is over. Enterprises are transforming into software-defined entities at an ever-accelerating pace. E-commerce is growing at double-digit rates in the US and most European countries, and is booming across Asia. Companies from the entire spectrum of industries are dedicating or acquiring vast resources to focus on their digital strategies and ensure they remain relevant as customer expectations continue to evolve.

To support this shift in the enterprise, global services providers like Accenture, IBM, Wipro, and Deloitte, among others, have established new practices, or in some instances subsidiaries, focused exclusively on digital transformation.  Regional and national solution providers are re-swizzling their offering mix to ensure they are servicing their customers’ digital journey. Investments in skills are shifting from a back-office concentration on Oracle and SAP to the value-add, digital front-office.

AppDynamics is supporting that change with the leading capabilities of our Application Intelligence Platform and creative partner strategies designed for service providers that are driving digital transformation. Last year, our rollout of an innovative profit sharing channel sales model resulted in over 30 new partner organizations investing in developing their AppDynamics skills. We initiated enablement classes online, and recently, in-person to help our growing ecosystem of consulting partners acquire the skills they need.

We now have managed service providers delivering APM as an embedded capability within a larger service offering. We have ISV partners delivering APM capabilities for their platform, both on-premises and as-a-service. The permutations of the partner business in this still-emerging market are startling, and AppDynamics is constantly evaluating partners and partner strategies that are meaningful to our customers.

We are increasing our investment in our partner business by adding people in the federal and Canadian markets, supplementing our already healthy partner presence throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APJ. We’ve set up a two-tier distribution model through Promark for our federal government customers. And we have a subcontracting program to ensure skills in the market are flowing to the demand regardless of who owns the engagement.

We’re very excited about the ecosystem we have developed but there is still much we plan to do to ensure our partners have the best skills, technologies, and partner strategies to service the digital market. There has never been a better time to invest in becoming an AppDynamics partner.

Matthew Polly

Matthew Polly

Matthew Polly leads the Business Development and Global Alliances organization for AppDynamics. Prior to AppDynamics, Matthew spent eleven years with Informatica in various sales, product marketing, and alliances roles. Previous experience includes BI strategy consulting, sales and marketing for a tech startup, and research for a venture capital fund. Matthew began his career in corporate law. He holds a J.D. from the University of Kentucky and a degree in English from the University of Virginia.