AppDynamics Receives Pivotal Award for Outstanding Solutions and Services

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AppDynamics this week was recognized by Pivotal Software for our strong commitment to the Pivotal ecosystem and its customers.

Fall 2018 has gotten off to a great start! At the SpringOne Platform Conference in Washington D.C., Pivotal Software recognized AppDynamics as a Customer Impact Independent Software Vendor of the Year. The award recognized our excellence in building and delivering solutions to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) ecosystem and community.

Mark Prichard (left and center), Senior Director of Product Management at AppDynamics, receives the 2018 Pivotal Partner Award at the SpringOne Platform Conference.
This is the first year that Pivotal has recognized specific members of its partner community for their excellence in building and delivering solutions to their customers. AppDynamics and other award winners were selected from more than 170 systems integrators and 70-plus independent software vendors worldwide. The honors were based on partners’ impact on Pivotal customers, market momentum, and the successful implementation of Pivotal’s values and methodologies.

AppDynamics, of course, has long been an active supporter of the Cloud Foundry platform—both Pivotal and open source—and will continue to be one. Many of our largest customers have been successfully running large-scale CF deployments for years. We’re thrilled to receive the Pivotal award, as it’s a validation of our hard work and dedication to the PCF ecosystem.

Spring Forward

The agile revolution is enabling teams to create the next generation of powerful enterprise applications. And few firms in recent years have been as prolific as Pivotal in leading this agile transformation. 

The three-day SpringOne Platform Conference brought together cloud and agile practitioners from around the globe to discuss the latest Cloud Native technologies empowering the next generation of applications. As an event attendee, I came away with a sense of great excitement. SpringOne was packed with vendors and initiatives, as well as an engaged community moving forward at a rapid pace.

In fact, the degree of collaboration and interoperability was staggering. One great example was Microsoft’s push into Java. It was really exciting to see Microsoft’s heavy investment in the Java space, a compelling development that garnered a lot of buzz at SpringOne.

With lineage from Spring Source, the Java community has been bolstered by contributions from the Spring Community. And Spring’s reach has been furthered by Pivotal’s portfolio and capabilities.


This has been very exciting year for us here at AppD, as we continue to help our clients drive innovation and validate the hard work being built everyday in the Pivotal ecosystem.

AppDynamics is a stellar enterprise partner no matter where you happen to be in your agile transformation journey. Our capabilities and commitment to the Pivotal platform will only grow stronger, as shown recently by our two distinct Service Broker tiles on the Pivotal Network, which bring significant enhancements to our customers who monitor apps on PCF.

We’re already excited for SpringOne 2019, which will surely be a stellar event with lots of information to share!

Ravi Lachhman

Ravi Lachhman

Ravi Lachhman is an evangelist at AppDynamics focusing on the Cloud and DevOps spaces. Prior to AppDynamics, Ravi has spent time at Mesosphere, Red Hat, and IBM helping enterprises and the federal sector design the next generation of distributed platforms. When not helping to further the technology communities, Ravi enjoys traveling the world especially with his stomach.

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