AppDynamics Summit NYC: Strategic Partnerships Get Tighter

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Learn more about how we worked with IBM and ServiceNow to co-develop innovative products to serve the next generation of Enterprise IT challenges.

Watching the registration numbers grow for AppDynamics Summit New York City is exciting.

Summit NYC will be the largest event we’ve hosted to date, packed into a single day – October 19th, with a smaller number of tracks. The venue looks unique, and we are excited to announce and deliver high-quality content and facilitate networking conversations around the next generation of Enterprise IT challenges.

I am fortunate enough to have been working on several new products co-developed with our strategic partners. The two sessions I will be participating in include an in-depth look and demo of two key innovations, driven by partners.

Below is brief overview of what you can expect from the partner integration sessions:

IBM Z APM Connect for AppDynamics

The new Mainframe capabilities recently announced, IBM Z APM Connect, is a compelling product offering developed by none other than the IBM team who builds the software that runs Mainframes.

We could not ask for a better partner than IBM, with their deep expertise and passion for Mainframe technology. The result of the last year of work is that AppDynamics now has a scalable agent for Mainframe with significantly lower overhead than other alternatives. Overhead is a major concern in the world of Mainframe where processing and cost are linked, making efficiency paramount.

Did you know that Mainframes power most credit card swipes, which equates to over $7 trillion per year? They also process over 30 billion business transactions per day. As new ways of accessing information are introduced, including the use of new application types like IoT, wearables, and augmented reality – there will be an additional workload for Mainframes.

Assuring performance and troubleshooting end-to-end transactions is a critical problem for IT Operations teams which could be far more efficient with the right tooling and workflows. AppDynamics and IBM look to solve these problems, or if anything, make it much easier than it is today. Innovation is alive and well on Mainframe contrary to popular belief.

The IBM Z APM Connect gateway for AppDynamics has been running in public beta since May, and we’ve already seen success in mutual customer deployments. We look forward to continuing to drive Mainframe APM innovation with IBM.

Come to the session from 3:30PM to 4:30PM on Thursday October 19th, where I will be joined on stage by Nathan Brice, Senior Offering Manager with IBM and Senior Software Engineer and the Lead Architect Aaron Young.

ServiceNow Integration

The second strategic partner session we are having is with ServiceNow. AppDynamics and ServiceNow share a large number of mutual customers who are driven to get work done more efficiently.

I regularly hear stories about the change ServiceNow customers accomplish by leveraging a consistent platform across the Enterprise. Just two weeks ago, ServiceNow was kind enough to host a joint webinar, where we spoke about our mutual solutions, and how our integration is used by a large number of customers. We have also seen an acceleration in adoption of the integration as we continually improve and work in close collaboration with ServiceNow.

During Summit NYC, I will be joined onstage by Zaki Bajwa,Sr. Director at ServiceNow, where we’ll discuss our mutual strategies and how we will continue to drive innovation and use cases.

We will also demo the joint integration and solution. You’ll hear more about how AppDynamics is becoming the platform for Systems of Intelligence, and ServiceNow is becoming the platform of choice for Systems of Action. These two worlds must be intrinsically linked. Come and listen. Hopefully, it applies well your strategy. The session is scheduled for 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm on Thursday, October 19th.

We look forward to seeing you! Click here for a full agenda at AppDynamics Summit New York City.

Space is still available for this free event. Register here.

Jonah Kowall

Jonah Kowall

Jonah Kowall is the Vice President of market development and insights, helping drive the company’s product roadmap and vision, while developing entry into new markets and providing valuable technology and business insights to fuel the accelerating and broad-based demand for the company’s Application Intelligence Platform. Jonah comes to AppDynamics with a diverse background including 15 years as an IT practitioner at several startups and larger enterprises focused on infrastructure and operations, security, and performance engineering. These included running tactical and strategic operational initiatives, going deep into monitoring of infrastructure and application components. In 2011 Jonah changed careers, moving to Gartner to focus on availability and performance monitoring and IT operations management (ITOM). Jonah led Gartner's influential application performance monitoring (APM) and network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) magic quadrants and research as a research vice president.