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When we founded AppDynamics, we wanted to disrupt the marketplace to make APM accessible to every organization. We felt Application Performance shouldn’t discriminate and should be available to all sizes of organizations, from startups to SMBs to large Enterprises. In the past, the Cost and Complexity of legacy APM made it only available to large Enterprises. Our belief is there should be no barriers for any organization that wants to deploy Application Performance Management. It should be simple to install, easy to use and cheap to own while obviously helping users master the performance and availability of their apps. At the same time, every organization is unique–so an APM solution has to be flexible to address the needs of all buyers.

Here are 5 things AppDynamics did differently to disrupt the APM market and become relevant to more and more organizations:

#1 – Make APM Easy to Deploy and Use
We found legacy APM solutions once purchased were extremely expensive to own from both an OpEx (Professional Services) and CapEx perspective (Management Server Hardware}. To combat this, we made AppDynamics work out the box so things like instrumentation, overhead, thresholds, alerts and dashboards were automatically taken care of and didn’t require day-to-day maintenance and configuration. You can deploy AppDynamics in production out of the box and leave it there 24/7 with full confidence it will work. We’ve also worked hard to ensure our APM solution could scale to a few thousand nodes with a single management server (yes, a single management server). This means organizations don’t need an army of consultants or a farm of management servers to scale APM across their organization.

#2 – Focus on Quality vs. Quantity of data
Our APM technology is super smart and knows when and what data to collect. AppDynamics automatically detects when your application and business transaction performance deviates away from its normal baseline. This means we keep data collection and overhead to a minimum so you get quality data when you need it the most. You’ll find your needles without needing to chew through buckets of hay to find the root cause of your performance issues. It also means your APM solution doesn’t grind to halt, because it doesn’t need to store and query Gigabytes of data. It’s smart, lightweight and extremely scalable whether you’ve got 2 or 2000 nodes.

#3 – Make APM Affordable
Not every organization can afford to spend $14,000 per node on APM. Price is the number one barrier for an organization not to buy APM. Spending millions on APM software with no guarantee you’ll see value or a return isn’t an attractive proposition; it’s often impossible to justify. AppDynamics offers flexible pricing which is published on our website for all to see, and prospects can license an annual subscription at a starting price of $2,000 per agent. There is no pressure for our customers to buy expensive three-year enterprise license agreements; we’re happy for them to get value first before they take next steps.

#4 – Offer Free Download and 30-Day Trial
We feel our APM solution should be easily accessible for all to evaluate so organizations know our capabilities before they consider spending money with us. AppDynamics Lite can be downloaded and installed in 2 minutes on a single node in production to give prospects confidence that we can do what we say we can do. Organizations can solve real issues with AppDynamics Lite even with reduced functionality, which makes it very attractive to use. We also offer a 30-day free trial of AppDynamics Pro so organizations can evaluate all our capabilities in their distributed application environment. You can evaluate AppDynamics in a few hours and be done; we don’t need several weeks to showcase how we can help you manage application performance.

#5 – Deliver APM as both software [On-Premise] and as a Service (SaaS)
AppDynamics is the only APM solution that offers both SaaS and On-Premise options. We also offer a choice so you can deploy our management server in your data center or let us manage it for you in our multi-tenant SaaS management environment. The reason we offer both is we find some organizations have restrictions, which prohibit them from sending data outside their data center, while other organizations prefer the SaaS deployment option.

Just 18 months after launching AppDynamics, we’ve experienced monumental growth and success in helping organizations of all sizes manage application performance. We’ve had over 35,000 downloads of AppDynamics Lite. As a result of this success, we now have customers that monitor application performance whether they have 2 or 2,500 nodes. Our customers come from wide range of industries and have daily business transaction volumes that range from a few thousand to over 75 million a day. We’re deployed in some of the smallest and biggest production environments in the world, whether its Europe’s biggest online betting website to North America’s largest Internet subscription service with over 20 million users.

We’re focused on continuing to deliver APM for everyone in 2011. We really believe we can help organizations to manage and master application performance no matter their size.

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