Are You an Agent of Transformation?

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Take The Agents of Transformation Assessment today to see where you are on your journey to becoming an elite technologist - and how you stack up against your peers.

You’ve no doubt heard all about The Agents of Transformation, an emerging breed of elite technologist driving genuine innovation within their organizations. Since the launch of our global research just a few weeks ago, thousands of technologists have been flooding our Agent of Transformation website to learn more, and many of you have read about the other types of technologist operating within IT departments:

  • The Digital Pioneer

  • The Untapped Hero

  • The Frustrated Innovator

  • The Disillusioned Dreamer

Want to know which type of technologist best describes you – and how you stack up against your peers? Well, you can find out now by taking The Agents of Transformation Assessment – it only takes five minutes!

What Type of Technologist are You?

The assessment is an incredibly useful exercise for any technologist looking to better understand their current role and get some useful tips to accelerate their career and begin the journey to becoming an Agent of Transformation.

By completing the assessment, you will receive a personalized summary identifying what type of technologist you are, with highlights of your core skills and key strengths. You’ll also receive suggestions on areas where you can develop and improve in order to operate at a more strategic level.

See How You Compare to Your Peers

The assessment output will show how you compare to peers in your sector and country who are operating at the same level as you.

You may discover that you’re a Frustrated Innovator operating within retail (like 24% of technologists in that sector) or a Digital Pioneer in financial services (like 25% of your peers). You may even be an Agent of Transformation, who account for just 9% of the top performing technologists globally.

Of course, it’s always fun and interesting to benchmark yourself against colleagues and the wider industry. It also gives you the chance to reflect on your current contribution and consider the improvements you can make to deliver the innovation that is so crucial to the organization you work for.

Becoming an Agent of Transformation is the Ultimate Goal

By becoming an Agent of Transformation, you’ll get to work on the most innovative and exciting IT and business projects, accelerate your own career (whilst enjoying all the rewards that come with that), and position yourself as a true innovator and leader within your organization and beyond.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now! And remember, AppDynamics is here to help you on your journey to becoming an Agent of Transformation.

Kyle Tyacke

Kyle Tyacke

Kyle Tyacke is Manager of Technology Evangelism at AppDynamics. He has spent the past 17 years developing software and business solutions across a wide span of industries, and is passionate about crafting strategies that empower developers to do their best work. When not in front of his keyboard, you can usually find him hovering over a boil kettle working on his latest beer recipe.