Become an AppDynamics and ITSM Master

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Learn how to leverage dashboards, Business iQ, and end user monitoring to get even more value from the App iQ Platform at AppD Summit Europe.

At AppD Summit Europe in London, a special track has been put together to help practitioners and operations professionals go beyond basic AppDynamics APM and learn how to leverage dashboards, Business iQ, and end user monitoring to get even more value from the App iQ Platform. This track also features a session on IT Service Management which is designed to help service and support professionals go from putting out fires to proactively improving processes. See the agenda for this track.

Become an AppDynamics Dashboard Rockstar

Andy Jackson
Senior Sales Engineer, AppDynamics

The first step to effective dashboarding is to understand what problem you’re trying to solve. It’s possible that a dashboard might not be the right solution. Most people agree that dashboards are important for visualising data and making data actionable, but how do you know if your dashboards are truly helping people operate more efficiently? Andy Jackson’s session will not only provide examples of amazing dashboards, but also explain why and when we should create a dashboard.

Learn more from Andy and watch him demonstrate his process for building powerful dashboards. Register for this session today.

Boosting Your Business iQ

Amod Gupta
Group Product Manager, AppDynamics

Following the launch of Business iQ at AppSphere 2016, Amod Gupta will share recent customer stories from companies who have found success adopting Business iQ and show new features and use cases. Every company is now a software company. That means businesses need to focus on optimising customer experience and taking action when and where it counts. Business iQ is designed to give developers, operations, and line of business a way to know whether or not a recent software update actually improved conversion or increased revenue.

Come to this session to learn how you can take advantage of Business iQ to drive better business outcomes and further your career. Register for this session today.

Stop Firefighting, Start Transforming ITSM Processes

Marcel Lichter
EMEA Customer Success Manager, AppDynamics

David Webster
EMEA Customer Success Manager, AppDynamics

For IT service and support teams, building out an ITSM process that works for their business is no easy task. Every business is different and requires a different approach to ITSM. Both Marcel Lichter and David Webster have been in the IT space for over 30 combined years. They’ve seen every challenge, implemented every best practice, and know how to transform teams from solving problems to driving better processes. Both Marcel and David will go through practical examples of ITSM improvement and will invite ITSM professionals from other successful companies to share their story as well.

To save your team from countless sleepless nights, register for this session today.

Mastering APM With End User Monitoring

Anupam Jindal
Product Manager, AppDynamics

For true end-to-end monitoring, companies need to start with the end user. It doesn’t matter how fast servers and databases are running if the user doesn’t believe performance is good. Anupam Jindal will cover all the latest developments in End User Monitoring and show how customers can leverage AppDynamics to monitor performance on browsers, mobile devices, and even connected devices (IoT). Learn how to track user sessions and gain deep insight into how app crashes affect business outcomes and customer experience. See how synthetic testing can play a part in your delivery strategy.

To see what’s possible with end user monitoring, register for this session today.

Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu is Senior Director of Product Marketing at AppDynamics. He has over ten years of experience building and marketing consumer and enterprise software applications. Prior to joining AppDynamics, Kevin led a team of software developers at and started two companies. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.