Customer Spotlight: Carhartt Wins 2018 CIO 100 Award

May 02 2018

AppDynamics General Manager, Prathap Dendi, got a chance to catch up with Carhartt CIO, John Hill, on their award-winning digital transformation, the power of real-time data, and Carhartt’s exciting future. Read the Q&A to learn more.

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Today, our customer Carhartt was honored as a 2018 CIO 100 Award Winner by and to say that we are thrilled is simply an understatement. It’s an incredible accolade and a nod to the tireless work that CIO, John Hill, and his team have done to transform Carhartt into a premiere fashion and workwear brand.

The CIO 100 Award program recognizes organizations around the world that exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence in information technology – and Carhartt’s digital transformation was not overlooked. Founded in 1889 with just two sewing machines and five employees, Carhartt has since grown into a global brand, overcoming the Great Depression, and embracing the digital age to build a vibrant online sales platform and loyal customer base.

Progressive CIOs like John are leading their companies through exciting change in their industries and we’re thrilled Carhartt chose AppDynamics Business iQ to aid in their digital transformation.

“Retailers live and die by the consumer experience, whether that experience comes in person, through mobile or on the web,” John explains in a press release announcing the win. “It was imperative to understand how to position our business for the evolving consumer needs of today and in the future. With Business iQ, we now have a direct lens into the health of business transactions across our entire digital shopping journey in real time, so we can continue to deliver the highest quality user experience to our consumers.”

I got a chance to steal a few minutes of John’s time to congratulate him on this win and to find out what else Carhartt has been up to. Check out our brief Q&A:

Prathap Dendi: The CIO 100 award is a recognition of the innovation that you and your team have been able to implement. What does this acknowledgement mean for you personally and for Carhartt as a whole?

John Hill: The CIO 100 award is a great honor for Carhartt and represents our commitment as an IT organization to further drive Carhartt into the digital era through innovation, enablement, thought leadership, and collaboration.

Prathap Dendi: What has the past year looked like in terms of collaboration with the IT and Business teams at Carhartt? What do you attribute that to?

John Hill: Increasing collaboration between our business product owners and our IT teams has been instrumental in driving our ability to quickly deliver better solutions that are more stable, efficient, and effective.  The increased transparency in real time access to application/business metrics and data has made these collaboration efforts more effective than ever before.

Prathap Dendi: If you could describe the growth you’ve witnessed over the past year in one word, what would it be?

John Hill: Awesome.

Prathap Dendi: How do your teams feel about having access to real-time data and being able to collaborate more with the business teams?

John Hill: The ability to see in real-time what is happening in the application is key to supporting a 24/7 platform.  The ability to see issues as they happen and trace them back to their root causes has enabled our teams to become more proactive and confident in the solutions they are delivering. The business teams have also embraced the ability to see real time data regarding new features and releases. It has increased the trust and confidence that both teams have in each other.

Prathap Dendi: How have the other executives at Carhartt responded?

John Hill: We have received great feedback from senior leaders as we continue to expose key real-time business data to key stakeholders throughout the organization. This data is empowering leaders to make better, faster decisions that directly impact the business as it happens.

Prathap Dendi: What’s next for Carhartt? What are you hoping to delve into in the next six months, year?

John Hill: Deeper user experience metrics and analysis, complete business process monitoring across additional systems of record.

Prathap Dendi: What has been your experience working with AppD?

John Hill: AppD has been a true partner. They have engaged at every level to deliver a complete solution. AppD brought their extensive APM experience to our implementation and enabled us to hit the ground running. They immediately identified a number of key processes that could be monitored and analyzed through the tool.

I’m so excited for everything that John and the Carhartt team have accomplished, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in store for them. Here’s to many more wins like this one!

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Prathap Dendi
Prathap Dendi is the General Manager for Business iQ at AppDynamics, extending its market-leading application intelligence solutions to the next frontiers of digital transformation. Prior to AppDynamics, Prathap was Vice President, General Manager at Electric Cloud, a DevOps market leader, where he helped incubate DevOps and Multi-Domain Continuous Delivery across hardware and software ecosystems. Prior to that Prathap held leadership roles at IBM incubating SOA and Cloud platforms.

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