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Recently, we had a guest post by Brandon Bichler of Elixirr. He discussed how the role of the CIO has transformed to be the epicenter of innovation within their company.  As new C-level roles emerge, such as the Chief Digital Officer (CDO), the IT budget allocated to the CIO is severely diminished. Gartner estimates that the 80%+ of total IT budget allowed in 2011 will shrink to less than 10% by 2020. With less resources to bring in external tools or monitor the latest trends, the challenge for modern CIOs is to bring efficiency and innovation to the overall IT operations and architecture roadmap.   

These shifts to enable innovation are surrounded by the latest set of challenges CIOs face, including as Bichler points out, these questions:

  • How do you get the business P&L owners to really engage and pick up more ownership where you (or someone else) have already been given the digital and innovation agenda to drive?
  • It sounds ok in theory, but where does the money and resource come from to do any of this while still needing to deliver on business-as-usual expectations on an already stretched budget?
  • What happens to the demand-side of IT and what’s the point of changing my operating model if there’s no real prospect of the business changing theirs?
  • It can’t be a ‘one-size’ answer. How do we ring-fence where innovation is happening and protect and still deliver to cover the current baseline business that’s still bringing in the money?
  • My organisation tends to work in silos – how can I create a single platform to foster innovation and collaboration in an environment where people don’t work together?
  • How can I create a platform for innovation that addresses the complex data and back-end integration requirements but also allows people to plug in and move quickly? 

Hear from Bichler in the below podcast: 

Also, check out this infographic Bichler and Elixirr put together detailing the changes in CIOs responsibilities and challenges:

A Changing Mandate for the CIO from AppDynamics

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