Cisco strengthens AppDynamics observability platform with intent to acquire Opsani

January 28 2022

Cisco continues investment in its Full-Stack Observability strategy with intent to acquire Opsani.

Conceptual image of person outdoors with mobile monitoring their entire technology stack via full-stack observability

02/15/22 1:00 p.m. PT Update: Cisco is pleased to have completed the acquisition of Opsani, and welcomes the Opsani team to Cisco!

Today I’m pleased to share Cisco’s intent to acquire Opsani, a privately held enterprise software company based in Redwood City, California. The acquisition will further enable Cisco AppDynamics to grow its product and engineering team, expand our platform’s capabilities to better observe enterprise-scale, cloud-native environments, and accelerate our path to availability and the delivery of the performance and optimization our customers’ demand.

The plan to acquire Opsani follows the recent acquisitions of Epsagon and replex, and underscores Cisco’s continued investment in its Full-Stack Observability strategy.

Cisco AppDynamics is committed to delivering next-generation, hyper-scale observability to provide customers with greater insight into availability and performance issues, their root causes, and impacts. Giving customers the solutions they need to observe the entire technology stack enables them to navigate increasing IT complexity and data noise and focus on what matters most to their business. By linking IT performance to business outcomes, technologists can drive prioritized actions and improve digital experiences.

The Opsani team’s technical expertise working with Kubernetes and advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques to dynamically optimize for availability, performance and costs will help further strengthen the Cisco AppDynamics platform to meet the growing demands of our customers. I look forward to welcoming members of the Opsani team to Cisco and the AppDynamics team.

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