New AppDynamics Advocacy Program Empowers Customers to Become Agents of Transformation

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See how the team at Carhartt leveraged AppDynamics to drive a successful digital transformation, and became key customer advocates in the process.

In 1889, Hamilton Carhartt asked railroad workers what they wanted from their work clothing. The early feedback he got from those potential customers served as the inspiration for the classic overalls that became emblematic of the brand for the last 130 years. But recently, Carhartt decided to expand beyond the traditional wholesale market with the addition of 30 stores as well as the launch of an e-commerce website.

The move would grow the Carhartt brand significantly, but it would also transform their approach to doing business. With wholesale, the entire sales cycle lasted from three to twelve months. The transition to e-commerce and new brick-and-mortar locations meant that sales were happening on the Carhartt website and in stores in real-time.

To lead Carhartt with this rapid digital transformation, the team turned to AppDynamics. But in doing so, they got more than a real-time performance monitoring platform— they got a full-fledged partner in driving the company’s digital transformation journey.

AppDynamics: Guiding the Success of Your Digital Transformation

“Working with AppDynamics and applying their solutions has greatly improved my team’s ability to monitor and service the consumer throughout their purchasing journey.”- John Hill, Chief Information Officer, Carhartt

When you’ve run business the same way for decades, managing change can be a difficult undertaking. But with the right application performance solution and support along the way, business leaders can become agents of transformation within their organization.

For John Hill, chief information officer at Carhartt, that was exactly the case. By leveraging AppDynamics, Hill and his team could implement a full digital transformation strategy to drive business forward, while also getting recognition for their efforts with the help of the AppDynamics Customer Advocacy Program.

“This partnership with AppD has allowed Carhartt to showcase the transformative work we are doing to improve our consumers’ experience,” Hill explains, referring to the Program’s numerous opportunities for speaking engagements, press, and other custom content features.

For the team at Carhartt, this partnership allowed them to leverage a trusted solution that would help them integrate their numerous systems and take a proactive approach to managing performance, while also shining a spotlight on their journey to digital transformation.

Why Become An Agent of Transformation?

“As an advocate of AppDynamics, I’ve had the opportunity to further develop my personal brand, while championing the transformative work my team is doing at World Bank.”  – Michael Markar, Senior IT Manager at the World Bank

Agents of transformation play a pivotal role in helping organizations deliver world-class customer experiences, and in turn, drive business growth. That’s why we want to help share their stories with the world. In doing so, you’ll have the ability to build your reputation as a business leader capable of driving large-scale change.

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Laura Spaventa Lewis

Laura Spaventa Lewis

Laura Spaventa Lewis is AppDynamics' Senior Customer Marketing Manager, focused on bringing to life AppDynamics customers' successes. Prior to taking on this role, Laura helped lead the AppDynamics' PR team and has over eight years of public relations experience.