Customer Success at AppDynamics is More Than Just Software

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“Support from AppDynamics is the best I’ve ever received from any vendor. Once again, you’ve met your norm. Thank you for the excellence so many other vendors no longer offer.”   -AppDynamics Customer

If you’ve been following our blogs regularly, you might have noticed we enjoy highlighting quantifiable benefits our customers have gained from using AppDynamics to manage their critical business applications in production. We take pride in their successes – and their success helps not only their organization, but also their personal careers as well. So in today’s blog, I’d like to highlight some of the top-notch work our Customer Success team does.

  • Proactive Engagement
  • Timely Resolution

Proactive Engagement

When it comes to being proactive it’s not just our software that stays ahead of the curve but also our support team that remains engaged every step of the way through effective and rapid resolution. Below are just some examples:

One customer identified a performance issue in their application but were unsure of which remediation was best. Our support team looked at the performance issue and suggested the optimal JVM settings which resulted in 5% improvement in overall application performance for the customer.

Another customer had an incident during their peak traffic time where their servers were periodically hanging, and at the time they weren’t using our product. Once again, using the superhero capabilities of AppDynamics, the support team discovered that they were doing too many minor garbage collections, which was hurting their JVM performance during primetime. This was an issue that had been plaguing their business for three months.

AppDynamics support not only told them where and what the issue was, but also found a number of other issues that which could have lead to serious performance problems in the future such as: slow running queries, a native logger was taking too long to log a message and an inefficient resultset iteration.

Timely Resolution

If you’re a customer and you contact AppDynamics support, you should expect no less than excellent customer support. If your ticket is urgent, our SLAs require that we respond under 4 hours. Zendesk actually released some benchmarks as to how we measure up against the software industry and other companies as a whole. Take a look.

Benchmark Metrics produced by Zendesk based on data from 80 million tickets

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what some of our customers have said about our Customer Support team:

“Customer Support is very prompt and to the point answers.”

Timely. Personnel desire to be helpful”

“Very quick and responsive. Far and above other vendors I deal with.” 

Quick answer. Very good service. Thanks!”

“They have been very responsive and in cases proactive.” 

“Great follow through getting a solution to my production issue quickly.”  

Excellent, timely and effective

“Very responsive”

Excellent. All the necessary items were discussed and resolved in a timely manner

Excellent speed and accuracy”

10 on 10!!! Very quick and to the point responses”

As you can see, customer success is what AppDynamics is about. We religiously measure and manage it so we deliver a service which is unrivaled in the APM market. While we can’t guarantee that our software will never have bugs (as no software company ever could), we’ll always guarantee to be there when you need us 24/7.