Accelerate Your Career: Become an Agent of Transformation

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As technology advancements continue to transform the way we work, rest, and play, a new breed of technologist has emerged: The Agents of Transformation.

Technologists for tomorrow

A new global research report launched today by AppDynamics reveals the emergence of a new breed of technologist, primed to drive positive and sustainable change within their organizations over the coming years – The Agents of Transformation.

Technology advancements continue to change the world in ways we’re only beginning to imagine – transforming the way we work, rest, and play. Businesses that want to thrive are investing in engaging digital experiences to deliver on growing consumer demands. But this brings to light the dichotomy of modern technology. While the customer experience has never been more simple and elegant, it has also never been more complex and difficult for businesses and IT teams to deliver them.

It is technologists who will shape our future, by creating and maintaining an advanced technology ecosystem that supports these evolving needs and aspirations. Our ability to adapt and prosper will come down to the skills, knowledge, ambition and beliefs of the people in our industry.

So here’s the question that every technologist should be asking themselves today…

Am I an Agent of Transformation and, if I’m not, how can I become one?

What is an Agent of Transformation?

These elite technologists possess the skills, vision and business-focus needed to deliver true innovation. They work in organizations that understand and provide the culture, leadership and tools required for transformation.

Agents of Transformation are committed to leaving a positive legacy within their organizations and beyond, successfully driving business and digital transformation projects, and always doing things differently to shape a better future for all.

They recognize the need to continually learn and develop their own skills, to reassure and educate those around them, and to collaborate to deliver maximum customer and business impact. They also ensure they have the right solutions, data and insight at their fingertips to make faster, smarter decisions at every turn. You can find out more about this select group of technologists here.  

Time for technologists to take center stage

Currently, only 9% of technologists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and are operating as Agents of Transformation. 

However, over the next 10 years, as many as 45% of technologists will need to step up to become Agents of Transformation in order for their organizations to compete in the market.  

We’re facing a Transformation Timebomb where organizations, IT departments and many technologists simply don’t feel ready for the pace of technological change our world will experience over the coming years.

Encouragingly, however, the research shows that technologists are up for the challenge of becoming an Agent of Transformation and feel positive and excited about the future. Nearly three quarters (73%) believe that technology advances will present more opportunities and benefits to society than challenges and threats, and 69% want to make a difference to the world and leave a lasting legacy through their work.

Importantly, 71% of technologists see the urgency of true innovation within their organizations.

Beyond the wider organizational and societal imperatives, technologists also view digital transformation as a great opportunity for them personally to develop and fast-track their own careers and skills.

An exciting journey to becoming an Agent of Transformation

At AppDynamics, we are committed to helping technologists around the world on their journey to becoming Agents of Transformation.

For many, there will of course be challenges, setbacks and frustrations along the way. Some technologists will need to develop their own skills and capabilities, push themselves beyond their comfort zone and expose themselves to new responsibilities and risks.

Others will need to be both relentless and shrewd in their efforts to drive organizational and cultural change, and to ensure they have access to the tools, data and insight they need to drive innovation.

It won’t be easy, but given what’s at stake and the potential rewards of success, it’s essential that every technologist takes some time to reflect on their current role and ask themselves whether they could be doing more to drive innovation and prepare their organization for the change to come.

We urge every technologist to read our research and start their own exciting journey towards becoming an Agent of Transformation.

David Wadhwani

David Wadhwani

David is the President and Chief Executive Officer at AppDynamics where he is responsible for leading and scaling the company to fuel its vision of driving digital transformation for today’s businesses. David comes to AppDynamics from Adobe, where he was senior vice president and general manager of the digital media business unit. He oversaw the full range of Adobe’s creative products and was responsible for its business and product transformation to the cloud. Under his leadership, the company built a rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar subscription business targeting individuals and enterprises. David joined Adobe in 2005 from Macromedia, where he was vice president responsible for developer products. Before Macromedia, David worked on business intelligence products at Oracle and founded a company in the content management space. Wadhwani is a member of the San Francisco Fine Arts Museums’ Board of Trustees, sits on the Brown University Computer Science Board of Advisors, and most recently joined StoryCorps Board of Directors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Brown University.