Using Gartner’s Peer Insights to Evaluate APM Providers

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Navigate the complex APM technology landscape, make better shortlisting decisions, and simplify the vendor selection process with newly released peer review data from Gartner.

Application performance management (APM) companies are quickly becoming some of the most important players in the IT landscape as enterprises strive to deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

Last year, the application performance management market was valued at $4.6 billion, and that number is projected to nearly double within just a few years, reaching $8.7 billion by 2023. But as the APM market continues to explode, it’s becoming harder than ever to navigate the APM vendor landscape.

With so many options, where do you start your search for an APM vendor that can meet your needs? And how do you narrow the increasingly large and complex field of APM providers to find the right solution for your organization?

The Role of Peer Reviews in the APM Buying Process

Just as you might look to Yelp for a new restaurant recommendation, or wouldn’t dream of purchasing anything on Amazon without at least a 3-star rating, peer reviews have dramatically changed the way we buy things—both in the consumer and business worlds.

Research shows that 63 percent of B2B software buyers already use reviews to help them create a shortlist of products to evaluate, and 62 percent of B2B buyers say that today they rely more on peer recommendations than they did in the past. And it’s easy to see why tech buyers are putting more stock in peer reviews: utilizing peer insights when evaluating technology providers can reduce business risk and optimize the final purchase decision.

For these reasons, it makes sense that relying on the insight and real-world experience of fellow IT professionals is a great place to start when it comes to creating a shortlist of APM providers to consider. And with Gartner’s new APM peer insights report—based on nearly 1,000 reviews and ratings published by real APM end users over the last year—enterprises now have access to the data they need to improve and streamline the APM vendor evaluation and selection processes.

APM Peer Insights Vetted by Gartner

Filled with peer review data that has been rigorously vetted, verified, and analyzed by Gartner, the report can be used to inform your APM buying process with authentic, trustworthy customer feedback.

Here are just a few of the invaluable insights the report dives into detail on:

  • How your peers rate APM vendors on each step in the buying process: evaluation and contracting, integration and deployment, and service and support

  • Which vendors APM technology buyers typically evaluate alongside each other during the consideration stage

  • The only 5 APM providers to receive the coveted 2018 Customers’ Choice distinction (spoiler alert: one was AppDynamics)

  • What percentage of each vendor’s customers are willing to recommend their chosen solution to other organizations

  • Reviewer demographics—such as industry and company size—so you can prioritize feedback from peers that may have similar goals and challenges to yours

Ready to dive in? Get the free Gartner report now to access the peer review data you need to navigate the APM technology landscape, make better shortlisting decisions, and simplify the vendor selection process.

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Sonja Jacob

Sonja Jacob

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