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Business is being won and lost based on application performance. Failure — with all its meanings — is not an option. Applications and the business are converging. Think about this: how many times have you switched services from one company to another of because of poor application performance? Getting APM right is a serious pursuit. For someone who’s responsible for application performance, the first step is re-thinking the value of application performance monitoring. Is APM a product, solution, or is it a strategy?

Conventional thinking is that APM tools service the health of the application, which makes sense — application health is critical. Performance matters when every single second, every millisecond, can be the difference in winning a customer’s loyalty or losing it. And winning performance is incredibly difficult to achieve in a hyper-complex, highly distributed, massively scaled, multi-cloud environment.  

Health and wealth: APM is more than a service

And yet, APM can be so much more than application health and availability. Customer experience and application performance data in a continuum context can be used to drive business outcomes. Consider that businesses are hiring teams of data scientists and investing billions of dollars in analyzing big data from the past to eventually have an impact on business in the future (read the Forbes article citing big data analytics as a top spend for 2017). But you have the power now. There is data and code flowing through your apps and impacting customer experiences every moment, now. The right APM platform makes this data and code immediately actionable to your teams. With application performance in business context, real-time insights and code-level visibility can help your teams make mission critical and strategic improvements to applications and drive the business.

If you’re new to AppDynamics or thinking about how APM could help your business, come to The Essentials of APM track. You’ll learn about APM as a strategic advantage and how to set your team up for success. Customers, engineers, and consultants will share their perspectives around key APM success factors. You’ll get firsthand experience in building a rock-solid business case for investing in APM in the first place, mapping metrics to what matters to key stakeholders, and outlining a clear path to real value business case.

180 days: IT-wide monitoring, L0 to L4, Brexit, and more

Gemma Jackson, Product Manager for IT Operations and Automation at Credit Suisse, a major financial services company, covers the essential APM principles and looks at the critical first 180 days of becoming an AppDynamics user. Gemma will outline specific challenges and architectural context. She’ll share her experiences and tell you how AppDynamics supported genuine changes in process and organization. The fact that implementation coincided with the Brexit vote makes the story even more interesting, given the vote’s effect on financial markets.  

Best practices in the throes of APM

Thomas Tammann, Principal Customer Success Engineer from AppDynamics, will offer “Ten Tips for Every New AppDynamics Customer” in his extremely popular session. Thomas goes high, taking you through strategic APM priorities such as setting a vision and mapping priorities, and gets deep with specific guidance on integration, SDLC, and consistent terminology.  

Outlining the joint AppDynamics and Cisco APM vision

Tej Redkar, Head of Products, Cloud Analytics Group at Cisco, and Bhaskar Sunkara, Co-founder and CTO, AppDynamics, will show you what’s next for application and business performance monitoring. AppDynamics is now a part of Cisco. We still bring our renegade spirit, technical expertise, and operate autonomously, but we want to show you what we’re jointly bringing to APM and what it means for you.

The Essentials of APM track is the place to re-think your ideas about APM. It will open you to strategic possibility and show you how to use APM as a business driver. This definitely isn’t a sleepy session, but it’s a lofty one — we get deep into the approach, drivers, technology, tools, tips, teams, and champions you need to take performance to a higher level.  

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