Hands-on Labs: Take Your APM Expertise to the Next Level

April 17 2017

Hands-on Labs at our upcoming AppD Summit Europe are not to be missed opportunities. Secure your place at your chosen Lab(s) by registering today.

One of the more memorable sights from AppSphere 2016 in Las Vegas was the vast queue of delegates waiting to start their Hands-on Labs sessions. In fact, interest was so high that we accommodated some of our participating attendees into conference rooms just to handle the overflow traffic.

If you’re based in Europe and are an AppDynamics customer, the Hands-on Labs at our upcoming AppD Summit Europe are not to be missed opportunities to deepen your knowledge with local and U.S.-based subject matter experts who are there to share their insights with you. Taking place Thursday, May 4th, the day after the main conference, the Hands-on Labs present a unique opportunity to become fully enabled on features that matter to you most. Our trainers will deep dive into proven best practices from years of feedback gathered in the field.

A Lab for Every APM Topic

The Lab sessions vary in length from a few hours to a half day and right up to a full day, depending on their topic. With a ratio of one Lab assistant for every 15 attendees, and a live Q & A throughout, there’s every chance to ensure your particular training needs are catered to. The sessions are interactive and collaborative, and there’s ample time to share your challenges with peer experts.

Hands-on Labs are good for your organisation as your learnings will help drive improved quality application performance, and they’re good news for you, too. By increasing your skills, your value and profile can rise as you become recognised as a performance expert by colleagues and industry peers.

Investing in AppDynamics is Investing in Your Career

If you ever wanted to make that step change in capabilities, address gaps in your knowledge, ask questions to the experts about part of the iQ platform, or realise more potential from your AppDynamics investment, Hands-on Labs are unmissable.

Hands-on Labs Overview

AppDynamics iQ Platform 4.3: This covers an overview of the various new features we introduced or enhanced in this release. These include more control over Business Transaction detection, license management, and log management; live preview for Java and .NET agents; and automatic Business Transaction cleanup.

End User Monitoring (EUM) Platform: Basic architecture and configuration to advanced usage and analysis are featured. Gain valuable insight into your customers’ journeys — from global application performance to individual customer experiences, and ensure that these are optimised.

Essentials, Diagnostics, and Troubleshooting (for Operators): Learn to monitor overall application health and troubleshooting issues with your Business Transactions, hardware, and servers.

DevOps Continuous Integration/Delivery (Advanced): Automating agent deployments with Chef, Puppet, and Ansible; monitoring microservices using Service End Point; and best practices for managing containerised environments are all explored. If you attended the Next Generation Software Stack track on Wednesday, this is an ideal follow-up.

Advanced APM .NET: Use the latest .NET APM features in real-life scenarios to gain operational insights into their applications, such as monitoring Azure web apps and best practices monitoring ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI applications.

Synthetic Monitoring: Learn how to configure the AppDynamics Synthetic Monitoring module, evaluate key features, Python-Selenium scripting basics, and more.

Mobile Real-User Monitoring: Covers deploying the agent on iOS and Android, troubleshooting slow end user mobile experience, and tracking it all the way to back-end and analysing mobile app crashes.

Business iQ: Improve your understanding of the impact releases have on your bottom line.

Database Visibility: Database issues can be one of the more common causes of poor application performance. This Lab covers troubleshooting application performance problems caused by database issues, monitoring database performance in conjunction with database hardware, and custom dashboards for monitoring key database metrics.

Guarantee Your Seat, Register for AppD Summit Europe

Attendance costs just £260 + VAT, no matter how many Labs you attend. Secure your place at your chosen Lab(s) by registering today.

Justin Vaughan-Brown
Justin Vaughan-Brown is a regular content contributor on the digital transformation, DevOps and CIO agenda topics, is the author of three strategy papers, and has presented at several Gartner Symposiums and other major conferences worldwide.

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