AIOps Ecosystem Doubles, Further Enhancing Enterprise Visibility and Automation Capabilities

October 23 2019

HashiCorp and ServiceNow among 10 new Integration Partner Program members collaborating with AppDynamics to help customers broaden their reach across the IT landscape.

In June this year, we launched the Integration Partner Program to help support enterprises delivering the user experiences their customers deserve. Since then, interest from customers, prospects, and

software peers has exceeded expectations— and those expectations were high. Today, we’re pleased to announce that ten more companies have joined the program, all of whom complement the vision of a Central Nervous System (CNS) and drive value for our customers.

These partners include HashiCorp, a cloud automation software company that delivers open source tools and commercial products for developers, operators and security professionals to provision, secure, connect and run any infrastructure for any application. “Cloud-based applications require a different approach to networking. Running services at massive scale and in multiple clouds means you need the right tools to discover those services and automate the appropriate connections between them. That’s what HashiCorp Consul is designed to do,” said Burzin Patel, Vice President of Worldwide Alliances at HashiCorp. “In addition to connecting services, you also need deep visibility into your network and application performance. Working with AppDynamics, we’ve developed an integration that allows Consul to feed telemetry data and key metrics into customizable dashboards, giving organizations greater insight into and control over their environments.”

ServiceNow is also a member of the Program. The ServiceNow integration automatically feeds AppDynamics data into ServiceNow’s Now Platform so customers can identify and respond to problems faster using automated IT workflows. For more information, visit the ServiceNow Store.

Appvance is another partner realizing great benefits in their AppDynamics integration, “Appvance invented AI-driven test generation for functional and performance testing at each new build. Our long partnership with AppDynamics has resulted in clients being able to test, find and fix issues faster with continuous testing,” said Kevin Surace, CTO, Appvance. “AIOps and utilizing AppDynamics together with Appvance IQ is the best way to achieve world-class software delivery every day, every hour.”

Other new members include Unravel, Crownpeak, Opsani, FullStory, Armory, and our first partners in the Program focused on security, Signal Sciences and Lacework. We’re raising awareness of our “better together” potential over the coming months and beyond. For example, Program partners will join us and our joint customers in talking about the value of the integrations as part of our “Real World AIOps” series of webinars on

We’re seeing ecosystem capabilities now encompass many key components of an enterprise IT landscape. Integration Partner Program members have expertise across areas such as DevOps, test automation, session recording, IT service management, incident response, automated remediation, and resource optimization. Each has been selected for the value they bring to customers in enhancing visibility or ensuring fast action based on insights generated by AppDynamics:

  • We’re embracing third party data sets to ensure customers get the visibility they need across their entire IT environment.
  • In parallel, we work with other partners to help ensure corrective actions will continuously adapt to ever-changing business conditions.


At the heart of the program, we’re carefully curating customer-centric partnerships focused on addressing enterprise needs across the CNS. To take this even further, we commissioned a research study that involved detailed outreach to many of our customers, to learn more about existing and emerging enterprise monitoring trends and their evolving technology investments. The idea is to ensure we maintain laser focus on our customers’ needs and at the same time stay ahead of the power curve so we can anticipate new challenges our customers may have down the road. Early findings suggest that over half of our customers surveyed have either integrated AppDynamics with another technology, plan to do so, or view us as a central part of a wider AIOps ecosystem.

The Integration Partner Program is about realizing the vision of the Central Nervous System which is to ensure that all aspects of our customer’s IT landscape can be monitored and cared for so end users have the best experience possible. This brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal, which is for AppDynamics to serve as the central exchange of the many pockets of telemetry and make sense of it so businesses can prevent issues before they become problems. In addition, we want to simplify the complex and rapidly evolve the AIOps marketplace to target real-world business needs.

Brian Paul
Brian Paul is a Corporate Development & Strategy Executive at Cisco/AppDynamics. His focus is expanding AppDynamics' solution scope and capabilities in order to ensure AppDynamics' customers have the right performance management solutions to enable the best user experiences. Prior to joining AppDynamics, Brian was a cloud DevOps strategy leader at SAP, regional CIO at Whirlpool, and held a number of different technology, business development and consulting leadership roles at SAP and Accenture. In addition to his work at Cisco, Brian is an avid snow skier and spends personal time with his family on the slopes and coaching his daughters' sports teams.

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