The Road Ahead: How the AppDynamics Partner Ecosystem Is Delivering Value and Driving Results for the Enterprise

February 20 2020

AppDynamics has welcomed Micro Focus, Neotys, Numerify, Bayestree, Blameless and Ayehu to its Integration Partner Program.

We want to make our customers incredibly successful. That’s why, in June 2019, we launched the Integration Partner Program (IPP) alongside other leading technology companies. With IPP, our customers have a direct impact on the solutions we build and how we solve key challenges facing the enterprise today.

IPP has played a pivotal role in making the vision of the Cisco AppDynamics Central Nervous System (CNS) a reality. With the CNS, we want to ensure all aspects of our customers’ IT landscapes can be monitored, proactively remediated, and continuously optimized so that their end users have the best digital experience possible. To further this mission, we aligned with like-minded companies with a passion for problem-solving, and we were delighted to bring on inaugural partners from Turbonomic, Harness, Apica, Atlassian Opsgenie, BigPanda, Evolven, Moogsoft,  Virtual Instruments, now Virtana, and xMatters. These partners help bring to life the “Visibility” and “Action” pillars of our CNS vision for delivering the broadest coverage and greatest impact across our customers’ complex, distributed environments.

We’re happy to report that the reception to the program in the marketplace has been incredibly positive. In our efforts to carefully curate an ecosystem of leading, customer-minded technology partners, innovative companies continue to approach AppDynamics and Cisco to join us in solving highly relevant and complex problems facing the enterprise today.

Doubling the Size of Our Partner Ecosystem in Just a Few Months

The momentum behind the launch of IPP meant that in October 2019, we doubled the size of our integration partner ecosystem with partners including, but not limited to: HashiCorp (Consul), Atlassian, PagerDuty, Appvance (AI-driven testing), Signal Sciences (Web Application Firewall) and ServiceNow. But with the IT landscape rapidly growing more complex, we couldn’t let our momentum distract us from ultimate goal: Stay close to our customers so that we continue to deliver the most value possible. To that end, we launched independent research to inform our strategy and validate some of our hypotheses about customers’ needs. As a result of this effort, we were able to drill down and rank order our priorities based on what our customers said were the most pressing IT problems.

So, what did we discover?

In terms of off-the-shelf solutions, it became clear that there was a demand for integrated solutions in the testing space, or information technology service management (ITSM) tools, as well as solutions that enable automation of IT for maintaining hygenic procedures.

Using Customer Feedback to Drive IPP Success

Today, we’re happy to announce the addition of six new partners to the AppDynamics Integration Partner Program. Each of these partners is aligned to the problem categories that our customers identified through our aforementioned research.

Our six new partners:

Micro Focus and Neotys in the testing space
Numerify, Bayestree and Blameless in the IT operations space
Ayehu in the automation space

Micro Focus

“Through our partnership with AppDynamics, Micro Focus is committed to ensuring our customers’ applications continually meet their users’ demands with the superior speed and scale of our Performance Engineering solutions,” said Archie Roboostoff, Head of Product Management, Functional Testing and Performance Engineering Portfolios at Micro Focus. “We are excited to be named a partner in the AppDynamics Integration Partner Program as it further strengthens our position as a trusted provider of Performance Engineering solutions that deliver the application efficiency, endurance, stability and test accuracy required for business success.”


“Even in 2020 enterprises, spend a significant effort managing and addressing alerts/violations as well as integrating different systems (engagement and record) in the support process,” said Prashanth Rai, Regional Vice President of Bayestree.

He continues: “With the AppDynamics integration, Sainapse will simplify this process by seamlessly integrating with ticketing and automation systems, decreasing the number of tickets created by automated remediation, identifying and executing the relevant automation and creating enriched incidents/tickets including prioritization, assignment and resolution recommendations, thereby reducing time to resolution.”


“We are excited to join AppDynamics’ Integration Partner Program” said Gabby Nizri, Co-Founder & CEO of Ayehu. “By integrating with the Central Nervous System’s Root Cause Analysis, Ayehu can precisely trigger a fully automated remediation process for IT incidents. Our joint customers will achieve immediate autonomous resolution of issues affecting mission critical applications and infrastructure, going from problem detection to automated remediation in seconds.”

Maintaining World Class Momentum

In addition, we’re expanding our partnerships with Atlassian and HashiCorp to integrate with their broader portfolio of products. Stay tuned for further details about our new integrations with HashiCorp and Atlassian.

As we grow the Integration Partner Program, we’ll continue to focus on working through and for our customers to realize tangible business value and eliminate the pain associated with running today’s complex IT environments. We’re excited for the road ahead.

Learn more about the Integration Partner Program.

Brian Paul
Brian Paul is a Corporate Development & Strategy Executive at Cisco/AppDynamics. His focus is expanding AppDynamics' solution scope and capabilities in order to ensure AppDynamics' customers have the right performance management solutions to enable the best user experiences. Prior to joining AppDynamics, Brian was a cloud DevOps strategy leader at SAP, regional CIO at Whirlpool, and held a number of different technology, business development and consulting leadership roles at SAP and Accenture. In addition to his work at Cisco, Brian is an avid snow skier and spends personal time with his family on the slopes and coaching his daughters' sports teams.

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