Introducing Business iQ

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Announcing Business iQ, an App iQ performance engine enabling enterprises to drive success throughout every phase of their digital transformation journey.

As part of AppDynamics’ fall 2016 release, we’re excited to announce Business iQ, a new breakthrough App iQ performance engine enabling enterprises to drive success throughout every phase of their digital transformation journey. Built to empower modern CIOs to transition their organizations from servicing the business to driving the business, Business iQ enables enterprises to realize the fastest “Mean Time to Business Awareness” (MTBA).

The digital economy is built on applications that are the heart and soul of the businesses that they represent. In the current era, it’s clear that this shift to a digital economy is driven by the convenience of the customer. Enterprises are investing heavily in digital transformation initiatives estimated to more than double by 2020, delivering better user experiences and integrating new technologies. Artificial intelligence, conversational UX, and the Internet of Things are all enabling leading companies to deliver immediate, satisfying customer experiences that are personalized, allowing them to stay unique and remain competitive.

This pace of innovation and rising customer demands have put tremendous pressure on business and IT departments to increase their velocity. Enterprises must move away from big bang releases to a state of continuous deployment, adapting high velocity infrastructure elements such as microservices, cloud, and containers — finally allowing IT and business to speak the same language and understand an app’s health in real-time.

AppDynamics has helped companies deliver on performance promise by reducing their Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). However, communication between IT and business remains elusive. According to, only 53% of IT executives believe they have a productive relationship with the business side of things. On the flip side, only 36% of LOBs feel the same.



Mean Time to Business Awareness (MTBA) is a key metrics concept that builds the bridge between IT and business, reduces the risk of revenue loss due to slow business awareness, and enables enterprises to prioritize effectively. But, it’s clear that most companies don’t have the low MTBA today necessary for successful digital transformation.

Introducing Business iQ — A New App iQ Performance Engine for Enterprises to Drive Business Performance


Until Business iQ, enterprises didn’t have the visibility or right solutions to monitor their apps and customer data in real-time. Business iQ is reinventing performance monitoring and creating a common language between IT and business departments with low MTBA.

In future blogs, I will dig into how Business iQ is unique amongst our competitors and underline the platform capabilities that make it shine. For now, let’s dig into the Business iQ capabilities that empower business and IT users to unlock data insights and address issues in real-time that may impact the business:

  • User Session Monitoring — Dive into user sessions to identify business outcomes early using machine learning. Enterprises will now have the ability to troubleshoot performance issues faster with new access to Browser and Mobile Sessions data available from AppDynamics Real User Monitoring. With User Session Monitoring, enterprises can now conduct conversion funnel analysis and advanced segmentation on performance, as well as business data in real time.
  • Query Language Enhancements — Calculated values and support for complex filtering in the AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL) enables companies to calculate metrics and KPIs, such as the percentage of revenue derived from different product categories faster. The mathematical operators can now be used on numeric fields as well as aggregations, enabling users to write powerful queries to create rich, derived metrics. The filter command allows for intelligent segmentation within queries.
  • New Funnel Analysis —  The completely redesigned, out of the box funnel visualization creates KPIs related to bounce rate, conversion rate, and the number of abandoners at each critical step, making it easy to visualize and understand user impact due to performance issues.



The major AppDynamics fall 2016 release of Business iQ allows vast capabilities for monitoring, managing, and enhancing awareness into the real-time business health and performance of enterprise applications. Powered by extensible data sets and application analytics technology, Business iQ provides enterprises with the intelligence to improve their business velocity and lower their MTBA, enabling them to take immediate action and drive better business outcomes. Enterprises can now shrink their MTBA from days down to minutes, identify unplanned issues, and aggregate business data into one holistic and unified view.

Be sure to check out future blogs on how Business iQ differentiates from existing tools that don’t empower modern CIOs to transform their organizations from just servicing the business to driving the business.

Learn more about Business iQ.

Mike Anand

Mike Anand

Mike Anand has over 12+ years of experience in Enterprise and SMB world spanning across leading mobile and software companies. In his current role as a Director of Product Marketing & Strategy for Business iQ at AppDynamics, he is responsible for leading global product marketing and go-to-market strategy for the product. Prior to this role Mike led Product team at Apteligent, a mobile APM company. He has also led mobile and cloud based subscription products and platforms at Good Technology, Adobe and Intuit. Mike received his M.B.A. from Santa Clara University and B.S. from University of California at Davis. You can follow Mike on twitter at