Introducing the AppDynamics C/C++ Agent!

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AppDynamics is launching C/C++ monitoring in Beta. Interested in C++ and want to give it a shot? Read More

We’re excited to announce the Beta version of our C/C++ agent, adding to our existing portfolio of monitored-languages and bringing end-to-end visibility across entire environments! Though we already monitor Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js, we’ve come across several environments who have legacy applications written in C/C++.

Why C/C++?

These applications are especially tricky to understand because they were often written by an engineer no longer with the company. It’s also common to see these applications patched and re-patched over time, resulting in even less understanding over specific uses. When issues arise, it’s difficult to predict how they will affect the end-user and cause serious performance problems.

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C++ Agent SDK:

  • You want to use an industry-standard compile and deploy monitoring solution.
  • You have access to your application source code.
  • You are willing to modify the source to include the C++ Agent SDK and recompile.
  • You don’t want to instrument third-party libraries for which you don’t have the source code.

What’s especially exciting about our C/C++ monitoring is the seamless integration it will have with the rest of your AppDynamics experience. In a single pane of glass view your entire environment, despite running applications in different languages. The C/C++ APM will also have all the same features you’re used to — view load and response times, error rates, application interactions, etc.

Interested in becoming a part of the Beta program for C/C++? Click here.

Amod Gupta

Amod Gupta

Amod is the Senior Product Manager for the C/C++ monitoring agent at AppDynamics