Soundbites: Innovative IT Leaders on the Impact of AI for IT Operations

December 12 2018

We caught up with IT leaders from today's most innovative brands to get their thoughts on how AI will transform IT operations. See what they have to say.


We live in a world of constant evolution, where today’s best technologies can quickly become irrelevant. As a result, businesses are innovating faster than ever before to meet consumer demands and stay competitive within their respective industries.

However, as enterprises innovate at such a rapid pace, they reduce visibility across the technology stack – application, infrastructure and network – and introduce significant operational complexity. To deal with these complexities, businesses are now turning to AI and machine learning to glean real-time insights and automate tasks that will help technology operations teams focus on what matters most – driving business and customer value.

This marriage between IT and AI brings with it a world of opportunity. So, we decided to chat with some of today’s top IT leaders from around the globe to pick their brains on how they see AI changing IT operations. Check out some of the soundbites below:

Mark Wood, Digital DevOps Lead at Vodafone

“AI will fundamentally change IT operations. I think it will go hand in hand with the whole DevOps model that is starting to progress through businesses: If you don’t need to be so concentrated on the operations because you’ve got AI, machine learning, and systems doing a lot of that for you, it gives you more time to focus on the development side and making sure the development is right.”

Guillermo Diaz, Chief Information Officer and SVP at Cisco

“I think one of the elements of having a world class operation is this notion of taking it to a whole other level. We call it autonomic operations – where we’re making sure that we’re not only detecting problems and repairing them, but they happen automatically or autonomously and things just fix themselves. This is where I’d like to take our organization, so we can have our people work on even more value-added things.”

Chuck Medhurst, President and GM at BMW Technology

“We do a lot of work within our group around machine learning for predictive analytics because that’s where we see digital services moving within the industry. We have data scientists who are taking a look at customer data to understand customer behavior. Ultimately, we want to be able to take that data and then use our own algorithms to figure out how we can improve customer experiences.”

Spencer Allen, Digital Production Senior Manager at Vodafone

“My utopia would be something akin to Minority Report, in which you fix things, the IT systems fix themselves before we actually know or the customer knows – and that’s the most important piece – whether something’s wrong or not. So, for instance if servers are failing, they’re switched out before we even know there’s a problem. The code corrects itself. I think the potential for use of machine learning and AI – is the sky’s the limit. It’s quite scary as to where it might go, but as a business, it could save fortunes, and also make us fortunes.”

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Laura Spaventa Lewis
Laura Spaventa Lewis is AppDynamics' Senior Customer Marketing Manager, focused on bringing to life AppDynamics customers' successes. Prior to taking on this role, Laura helped lead the AppDynamics' PR team and has over eight years of public relations experience.

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