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Read our Exhibitor Series, spotlighting partners at our NYC Summit Event on October 19th. We chat with Carmen Carey, CEO of Apica, in this post. 

In anticipation of our New York City Summit Event on October 19th, we’re highlighting some of the great partners who will be in attendance in this Exhibitor Series. We’re excited to share our latest Q&A with Carmen Carey, CEO of Apica.

AppD: What was the impetus behind Apica’s formation?

CC: Apica was founded out of the need to ensure that enterprises can deliver high quality application performance and user experience while maintaining speed, visibility and control in the delivery process. As user facing applications are increasingly critical to revenue generation, high performance application delivery is a must have component of business success, competitiveness and differentiation. We believe our unique and comprehensive load testing and synthetic monitoring platform ensures uncompromised performance encompassing internal applications, legacy systems, websites, mobile devices, content streaming, APIs and IoT use cases.

AppD: What chief pain points have you encountered when load testing has been inadequate (or even non-existent?

CC: Without load testing two key pain points are encountered that impact an enterprise and its customers. First, there is a lack of understanding of the expected traffic volume – the customer interactions an application can support and where and when an increase in capacity is required.  Second, if the customer journeys or use cases (IoT, etc.) are not tested, bottlenecks in the application aren’t identified. This means enterprises are leaving the customer experience to chance and if at any point the experience is suboptimal, customers might abandon the application or service.  Ultimately, a failure to ensure the best performance outcome puts customer satisfaction, revenue, brand and competitive advantage at risk.

AppD: Scalability is a massive issue for some enterprises – how does Apica address this challenge?

CC: Apica enables enterprises to understand and implement a fit-for-purpose scaling strategy. We do this by using load testing as a means to understand performance characteristics of applications enabling the identification and resolution of capacity thresholds and application bottlenecks before deployment. Load testing carried out across various deployment characteristics will inform a scaling model that can be well defined in the pre-production phase. As a result, enterprises can develop and implement a defined scaling strategy and plan to ensure the highest level of user experience.

AppD: Typically, what are the three main drivers behind customer investment in Apica?

CC: Customers choose Apica to gain greater confidence in the delivery of their business critical applications. This means deploying applications faster and with higher quality and to realize full visibility into application performance and user experience.

AppD: How does the partnership between Apica and AppDynamics help enterprise customers?

CC: The partnership between Apica and AppDynamics ensures that enterprises can confidently deliver highly scalable, available and high-performing applications. Our integrated offer ensures end-to-end visibility in pre and post production environments and enables organizations to adopt a proactive approach to issue identification and resolution in order to ensure the best user experience.

AppD: Can you share some of Apica’s growth plans for the next 12-18 months?

CC: We are excited to be expanding globally with a focus on the US, UK and Nordics markets.  We are especially investing heavily in growing our US team, building on the foundations we have established to date. As a company we are experiencing significant growth in both new customers and the expansion of our footprint in our existing customer base. We see the partnership with AppDynamics as a further catalyst to our growth plans and look forward to continuing to build on the success we have experienced to date.

AppD: Why should delegates at the NYC Summit visit the Apica booth?

CC: We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones at AppDynamics’ NYC Summit. If you want to learn more about best practices for load testing, get a personal demo of our solution and see how seamlessly Apica integrates with AppDynamics, come visit our booth. We are passionate about solving performance challenges in proactive ways, and we like to have good laugh.

Register here to book your free place at the NYC Summit on October 19th and meet the Apica team there.

Carmen Carey is the CEO of Apica. Her career to date encompasses leadership roles as an executive in fast-growing global technology companies. Prior to Apica, she scaled and exited Big Data Partnership and ControlCircle as CEO, and was COO of MetaPack, COO of MessageLabs and VP of Global Services at BroadVision.

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