2nd Annual AppDynamics “Partners of the Year” Extend Geographical Presence, Promote Integrated Solutions, and Support Customer Innovation

It’s been another record year for the AppDynamics Channel, despite the global headwinds facing all businesses large and small. In fact, the momentum set into place over the past few years is marked by the continued stellar performance of AppDynamics Partners. This past fiscal year, over 80% of deals were touched by our Partners, a […]

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Starting Out Strong with Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Hybrid cloud infrastructure brings many benefits to businesses that want the best of both public and private cloud environments. When you combine the security of a private cloud with the expansive power and versatility of a public cloud, you get complete control over your data while leveraging the ability to quickly and cost-effectively scale operational […]

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AppDynamics Recognized as a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Application Performance Monitoring

AppDynamics customers have consistently left five-star reviews for Cisco AppDynamics in APM, SaaS and Application Analytics (Business IQ) over the years, reflecting our mission to support our clients through their digital transformation journey. The Peer Insights Customers’ Choice recognizes APM vendors by verified end-user professionals. Vendor rankings are based on the number of end-user reviews […]

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AppDynamics & ThousandEyes Join Forces to Deliver the Most Complete End-to-end Visibility Into the Modern Digital Experience

There was a time when most critical apps and services ran in the data center. This was a simpler time, when IT still had full control over the app stack, network, and infrastructure. But times have changed. Today, the IT industry is being driven by disaggregation and migration to hybrid and multicloud architectures. The modernization […]

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AppDynamics Achieves AWS Outposts-Ready Designation

Hybrid cloud infrastructure brings many benefits to businesses that want the best of both worlds from public and private clouds. For example, when you combine private cloud security with the power and versatility of a public cloud, you get complete control over your data while gaining the ability to quickly and cost-effectively scale operational capacity. […]


AppDynamics Releases Next Generation SAP Performance Management Solution

We’re excited to announce that AppDynamics SAP Peak Edition is now available. In the past two years, SAP Monitoring from AppDynamics has filled an important gap by providing our customers with visibility and insights into the user journey, and across the entire enterprise landscape. However, we were missing an important component: contextualizing how SAP performance […]


AppDynamics Announces New Software Quality and Incident Management Partners

In June 2019 we launched the Integration Partner Program (IPP) to support our customers, offer a wider variety of software services, and solve critical challenges in our mutual customers’ environments. Since that launch and our success doubling the size of our partner ecosystem in just a few months, we’ve continued to expand and develop our […]


Shifting Left: Taking Back Control of the Cloud

From file sharing and collaboration to customer relationship management and productivity, cloud applications have transformed how — and where — we work. And these days, they’ve become more critical than ever as millions of people around the world find themselves working remotely, and relying on cloud applications to power both their personal and professional lives. […]

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7 Ways APM Helps IT Chart a Clear Course for Running Apps in the Cloud

Moving to a new house can be one of the most stressful things we do in life, but if you’re in IT, re-homing your apps in the cloud can be just as exhausting. This is particularly true against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, as IT priorities shift and teams are forced to re-evaluate both […]

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Shifting Left: The IT Impact of COVID-19 By the Numbers

Shifting Left · The IT Impact of COVID-19 By the Numbers   Less than four months ago, most of us had never heard of “coronavirus” and the term “social distancing” sounded more like the name of an obscure band than a daily routine. But today, those terms are well understood, and there’s virtually no industry, […]

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Experience Journey Map Spotlights the User Journey in Web and Mobile Business Applications

Earlier this year at Cisco Live 2020, Barcelona, we unveiled Experience Journey Map, a powerful new feature from AppDynamics that gives businesses the ability to evaluate users’ most-traveled web and mobile journeys within a business application. Today, we’re excited to announce general market availability that provides additional functionality to further solidify this feature as a […]


AppDynamics Drives World Class Agility and Cloud Adoption with Government Agencies

Today’s IT landscape is dynamic and offers cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions to propel innovation. However, for government IT leaders, leveraging these same technologies is extremely challenging due to rigorous compliance and security requirements. As stewards of public interests and sensitive data, government agencies require strict security and data management standards. As a result, government IT leaders […]


Our Plans with ThousandEyes: Expanding Monitoring Across the Public Internet for All Applications at the Heart of Today’s Digital Businesses

By Danny Winokur. Last week, Cisco announced its intent to acquire ThousandEyes, Inc., marking a major milestone as we build toward our vision to provide a Central Nervous System (CNS) for IT.  We’re committed to providing broad visibility, deep insights, and automated actions to help you manage and optimize all the applications you rely on […]


The Agents of Transformation Report 2020: COVID-19 Special Edition

Huge segments of the workforce have gone remote, and companies are switching to digital-only strategies to deliver services and products. Millions of people are accessing websites and applications for data and information. The pressure on technology and the people running IT departments all over the world has never been greater. Our world changed almost overnight. […]


Introducing Shifting Left: A New IT Content Series from AppDynamics

Whether you’re in IT, DevOps, or you’re a business leader trying to guide your organization through these uncertain times, there’s one thing that unites us all: it can be difficult to keep up. That’s because the demands of our so-called new normal test our businesses in new ways, leaving us to both manage day-to-day operations […]