Full-stack observability is within your grasp in the revamped Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA)

November 09 2021

With Cisco’s revamped Enterprise Agreement (EA) buying program, it’s easier than ever for your business to achieve full-stack observability.

Conceptual image of servers extending into the distance representing Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) full-stack observability

It’s no secret. In the digital-first climate that we live in, application experience determines whether customers are won and retained. As we discovered while conducting research for our latest App Attention Index report, 68% of people actually believe it’s disrespectful for brands to offer a poor digital experience — and they will take their business elsewhere.

This puts tremendous pressure on technologists and leaves them scrambling to meet the ever-increasing expectations of the market. To speed up the software development life cycle and stay ahead of the competition, they’re either developing or refactoring their applications leveraging cloud native solutions.

However, although the use of technologies like microservices and containerized infrastructure allows companies to innovate at scale, this approach does have downsides. The resulting complexity leads to a new set of challenges, including:

  • Increased difficulty isolating issues and determining root causes.
  • Higher reliance on third-party networks and services for optimal performance.
  • Overspending due to overallocation of cloud resources.
  • Increased vulnerability to security threats and attacks.


To help businesses solve these problems, Cisco is delivering an architecture that moves beyond traditional domain monitoring to provide 360-degree, real-time visibility and actionable insights that accelerate digital transformation in our cloud-first world. The foundation of Cisco full-stack observability is comprised of industry-leading solutions that collectively support a set of use cases vital to modern enterprises.

Graphical depiction of Cisco’s full-stack observability foundation — AppDynamics, Intersight and ThousandEyes — and use cases

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You asked, we answered

To make full-stack observability more accessible than ever, Cisco has launched its third-generation Enterprise Agreement (EA). The Applications Infrastructure Portfolio now includes all the foundation components of Cisco full-stack observability — AppDynamics, Intersight and ThousandEyes — within a buying program created to lower costs and complexity while increasing business agility.

Some key benefits include:

  • Flexibility. Customize your EA by selecting the solutions and quantities that match your specific needs while taking advantage of preferred pricing and on-demand deployment of additional licenses.
  • Agility. As your requirements change, the Value Shift policy allows you to swap licenses across solutions in the application suite, providing the right coverage exactly where you need it.
  • Scalability. As you innovate and your licensing needs grow, the Cisco True Forward model allows you to deploy what’s needed when it’s needed and adjust your contracts at a future date.


“The new, revamped Cisco Enterprise Agreement helps our customers accelerate their business transformation with custom, flexible solutions to solve their most challenging application problems,” said AppDynamics Chief Operating Officer Philip Coady. “Now, through a single agreement, they have access to Cisco’s entire portfolio and can easily buy, manage and consume software licenses to achieve their full-stack observability goals.”

>>> Learn more about full-stack observability in the revamped Cisco EA by visiting the Applications Infrastructure Portfolio website or contacting your account manager today.


Brendan is a senior manager of product marketing focused on a variety of topics including full-stack observability, SAP monitoring and digital experience monitoring. With a diverse background in IT, he has held product marketing, sales and customer success positions at industry-leading technology companies including Cisco, Presidio and SolarWinds.

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