AppDynamics Releases Next Generation SAP Performance Management Solution

August 17 2020

See how SAP Peak combines deep visibility into your SAP landscape with powerful business context to help you drive smarter and faster decision-making.

We’re excited to announce that AppDynamics SAP Peak Edition is now available. In the past two years, SAP Monitoring from AppDynamics has filled an important gap by providing our customers with visibility and insights into the user journey, and across the entire enterprise landscape. However, we were missing an important component: contextualizing how SAP performance impacts the business scenarios that facilitate the ways organizations operate. Without this visibility, organizations are blind to bottlenecks that may be impacting their IT landscape, and by extension, the crucial business processes their organization relies on to maintain user experience and healthy revenue streams.

Breaking down SAP Peak

This spring, Gartner published their latest Magic Quadrant for APM, which recognized AppDynamics’ ability to execute in the SAP space including our ability to monitor SAP ABAP code. The same report also called out our market differentiation in providing real-time monitoring and analysis of business performance metrics, coupled with our ability to visualize user journeys within the application landscape through the AppDynamics Business iQ (BiQ) solution. Little did they know, we were busy building a highly contextualized business solution that incorporated these market-leading capabilities.

SAP Peak provides a singular license, joining our existing SAP ABAP Monitoring solution with Deep SAP Insights capabilities (formerly SAP ABAP Stack Monitoring) and expands the offering with the addition of our Transaction Analytics Engine, which enables SAP business scenario dashboarding through BiQ. This solution is tightly integrated to provide customers with a comprehensive toolset built to address a wide array of common and emerging scenarios. This approach enables deeper and broader visibility into our customers’ SAP landscape as we contextualize and visualize these new insights and business health relative to application performance, in real-time. Below is a Sales & Distribution (SD) order management dashboard enabled by the integrated solution.

AppDynamics SAP Pe

Notice how this includes insights into the user journey through the SAP landscape and beyond. Now, if a user traverses from an SAP ABAP-based landscape into a non-SAP topology or application, the continuity of the user’s journey remains intact, providing a view of all touchpoints. This is important because a vast majority of SAP systems and the business processes that run on SAP are integrated into other non-SAP solutions.

For example, many times a customer order journey will start in a non-SAP solution (e.g., a user placing an order in a Java application) that will be processed entirely within SAP after the order is entered. After the order is processed, the Warehouse Management solution that “picks” the order may or may not be an SAP solution. By enabling a complete 360 degree view of the user journey we’ve enabled our customers to eliminate blindspots.

We’ve laid the foundation for mapping the business journey for key SAP modules and enabling our customers to visualize the business transaction. Sales & Distribution (SD) order-to-cash is merely the starting point, with use cases coming that support Materials Management (MM) order processing or even stitching a multi-module user journey together across a Procure to Pay (P2P) transaction spanning the process from purchase order to goods receipt, invoicing and finally payment. The opportunities are limitless as we continue to innovate on SAP Peak capabilities.

Deepening Our SAP Value

The synergies between AppDynamics and SAP have never been more apparent, as our industry-leading Business Transaction monitoring blends seamlessly with the SAP transaction flow. This has allowed us to expand our SAP capabilities to include broader Netweaver stack, Business Warehouse (BW), Process Integration (PI) and SAP HANA observability, visibility and insights. Our ability to monitor HANA in conjunction with more deeply monitoring BW and PI is important in effectively managing complex and hybrid environments.

Additionally, digital transformation is at the forefront of most of our customers’ minds, with many planning SAP S/4 migrations to take advantage of the performance gains presented by HANA. However, moving a business process that has been built up over many years — or decades, even — to an in-memory database is never a point-and-click exercise. To further enable our customers, we’ve increased our visibility to HANA CPU, disk and network, memory, savepoint and delta-merge performance to mitigate risk and facilitate smoother migrations.

This all goes hand in hand with our continued dedication to SAP monitoring. Over the past year, and especially the past few months, we’ve enabled correlation of core SAP business and application performance metrics making APM even more effective for business users and IT users alike. Furthermore, we’ve sharpened our focus and further tuned our error thresholds for SAP to ensure that our customers have the option to filter out/blacklist error messages that don’t impact performance minimizing alert storms. Additionally, we’ve broadened the technologies that we can instrument and monitor within SAP; such as qRFCs, top tables used in the ever-important background jobs, BSPs in CRM, and end-user to SAP transaction correlation with Fiori.

As we work with our SAP customers, we will continue to learn more about their needs and evolving our solutions. This helps ensure our leading APM capabilities meet current and emerging needs in and around their SAP landscapes, especially when it comes to providing Business Health for the key SAP processes and modules.



Brian Paul
Brian Paul is a Corporate Development & Strategy Executive at Cisco/AppDynamics. His focus is expanding AppDynamics' solution scope and capabilities in order to ensure AppDynamics' customers have the right performance management solutions to enable the best user experiences. Prior to joining AppDynamics, Brian was a cloud DevOps strategy leader at SAP, regional CIO at Whirlpool, and held a number of different technology, business development and consulting leadership roles at SAP and Accenture. In addition to his work at Cisco, Brian is an avid snow skier and spends personal time with his family on the slopes and coaching his daughters' sports teams.

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