Success Stories of AppSphere 2016: A Sneak Peek

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Companies know what’s on the line when their applications aren’t performing at their best. It’s no longer excusable to have an outage or slow-to-load page on your site. With attention spans dwindling, a first impression is a lasting one, and if your applications aren’t running properly at all times, it’s very likely your business is losing out on valuable transactions. You may already know the issues your company faces, but do you know the best solutions for them?

This year at AppSphere 2016, we’re excited to host a stellar lineup of guest speakers who are sharing how they transformed application performance from reactive to proactive. Join us in November to get the the opportunity to hear from enterprise leaders like Expedia, Cisco, and eHarmony on how they use AppDynamics to optimize their application performance. Read on for a sneak preview of what they’ll be discussing.


Expedia Global Customer Operations has over 9,000 call center agents that rely on a fully functioning tool set to deliver speedy support to thousands of travelers. Expedia decided to  deploy AppDynamics Application Analytics to improve prioritization of infrastructure changes, code, and process in order to improve their business results. The outcome? Hear it from Expedia yourself by joining us at AppSphere 2016 or by reading our Expedia case study.


Cisco, like many of our customers, has learned the tricks to maximizing the value of AppDynamics solutions. But for those of you that think you could be doing more with our solutions, we suggest you sign up to hear how Cisco increases the value they derive from our solutions through a variety of methods, including using custom dashboards for executive summaries and by integrating AppDynamics alerts with third-party tools. For a brief insight into Cisco’s customer story, start by checking out their case study before joining us at the conference in November.


eHarmony wants to help you find love. AppDynamics is no different. Fall in love with your top performing applications and make sure they’re treated to the latest in software and infrastructure design patterns. Join eHarmony as they discuss their journey of overcoming the challenges of ever-changing software by utilizing our APM software. They’ll cover what needs to be built in terms of data extraction, analytics, and other open source technologies. They’ll also be discussing AppDynamics solutions and what features and functions are critical when monitoring microservices-based applications. Can’t wait for the track session? Read the case study now.


We’re excited to have these speakers, including our keynote speaker, United Airlines, join us at AppSphere 2016. Read our press release to learn more, and if you haven’t registered yet, don’t wait! Join us and gain insights on how to empower your business and maximize the value of application performance.

Alex Barile

Alex Barile

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