Tales from the Field: Application Performance and the Tax Bill

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After the House of Representatives passed a tax bill repealing the individual mandate to buy health insurance, our customers in the health insurance industry reported an enormous wave of traffic to their systems. Learn how AppDynamics is helping customers in the health insurance industry maintain a high bar for application performance with end-to-end visibility into every customer transaction.

One of the benefits of a unified application performance solution is that it enables companies to prepare for the unexpected. But agreeing on the value of being prepared in the abstract and experiencing it directly can be two different things.

On Friday, November 16, some of our customers in the health insurance industry began getting troubling alerts. Out of nowhere, their systems were being swamped by an enormous wave of traffic. What happened? It turned out the House of Representatives had just passed a tax bill repealing the individual mandate to buy health insurance. One of our customers reported a 160% increase in visitors.

For our customers, their experience on November 16 underscores the difference AppDynamics makes compared to other solutions. Developers who had fully deployed AppDynamics were able to test their code early in the software development lifecycle using our patented business transactions and dynamic flow maps. Using the business transaction as a way of viewing code execution enabled them to understand how different services were interacting with each other when they were under stress in production. Machine learning was then deployed to quickly identify the root cause of any issue, minimizing downtime.

With AppDynamics, health insurance companies had end-to-end visibility into every interaction they had with a customer, starting with the call from the browser or mobile interface all the way through to the database. This was especially helpful for customers who had previously used two or more solutions together. For the first time, they had a single view.

When they are not in firefighting mode, customers praise AppDynamics for the insights it gives them into the impact of systems performance on business outcomes. They have enriched their performance data by tracking KPIs of business data contained within the business transaction, as well as technical data such as response time. For example, a health insurance company might use AppDynamics Business iQ to monitor things like performance by customer profile and selected health care plan.

In the health insurance industry, the cost of a phone call can be more than four times as expensive as web-based interaction. The opportunity to better manage these customer interactions is why so many companies are turning to AppDynamics as they ramp up their digital experiences.

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Matt Chotin

Matt Chotin

Matt Chotin is Sr. Director of Developer Initiatives at AppDynamics, charged with leading AppDynamics products to better support developers in improving performance and achieving business outcomes. Prior to AppDynamics, Matt held product leadership roles at Chegg and Adobe and co-founded his own startup.