Thank You, AppDynamics Customers and Partners

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AppDynamics is taking the next step in our journey — and formally joining forces with Cisco.

Today is a big day for all of us associated with AppDynamics. It’s been a short nine years since Jyoti Bansal started the company and brought Bhaskar Sunkara on board. Together they saw a clear opportunity to bring greater performance and reliability to software and applications in a world increasingly defined by digital experiences. Since then, the hard work of nearly 1,250 employees around the world has propelled AppDynamics to one of the most important enterprise software companies in the market.

And today, it brings me great pleasure to share that AppDynamics is taking the next step in our journey — and formally joining forces with Cisco.

Cisco is committed to providing AppDynamics with the autonomy we need to run the business as we always have. Together, we’re investing further in our widely-recognized culture of innovation, our obsession with customer success, and our remarkable account and sales teams.  This combination has made us one of the fastest growing software companies around and we couldn’t be more excited about our ability to accelerate our growth even further given Cisco’s reputation and reach.

Our joint vision remains the same — we believe the success of our customers’ technology and the success of their business are inextricably tied. We remain fully committed to helping our customers build and run digital first companies by bringing together developers, IT ops, and business owners. Our enterprise customers will be able to transform their products into dependable connected services, creating new business models and generating new sources of ongoing revenue.

In fact, this vision is even more relevant now than it was in 2008, when AppDynamics was founded. User expectations are continuing to rise, IT environments are becoming more dynamic and complex, and competitive digital experiences are rapidly improving. We’re here to help our customers navigate all this. We know that we exist to help them stay ahead of these challenges and empower them to realize the benefits of these opportunities.

With that said, I’d like to personally thank our customers and our partners: Thank you for betting on us!  Without your support, vision, and evangelism, we would not be here today. We’re incredibly proud to work side by side with you and couldn’t be happier to have you along with us for the journey ahead. You have my commitment that we will work every bit as hard over the next decade as we did over the last nine years. I look forward to many more amazing years doing everything we can to make you successful.


David Wadhwani

David Wadhwani

David is the President and Chief Executive Officer at AppDynamics where he is responsible for leading and scaling the company to fuel its vision of driving digital transformation for today’s businesses. David comes to AppDynamics from Adobe, where he was senior vice president and general manager of the digital media business unit. He oversaw the full range of Adobe’s creative products and was responsible for its business and product transformation to the cloud. Under his leadership, the company built a rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar subscription business targeting individuals and enterprises. David joined Adobe in 2005 from Macromedia, where he was vice president responsible for developer products. Before Macromedia, David worked on business intelligence products at Oracle and founded a company in the content management space. Wadhwani is a member of the San Francisco Fine Arts Museums’ Board of Trustees, sits on the Brown University Computer Science Board of Advisors, and most recently joined StoryCorps Board of Directors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Brown University.