The Integration Partner Program launches a new marketplace for ecosystem development

December 01 2022

The recently launched Integration Partner Program (IPP) marketplace provides a place for partners and customers to learn more about integrations available with AppDynamics.

We are excited to have launched a new marketplace platform for the AppDynamics Integration Partner Program (IPP). This marketplace aims to provide a universal platform for partners and customers to learn more about integrations available with AppDynamics, see technical breakdowns and feature lists, and a way to contact partners of interest. Available since the end of October, feedback on the marketplace has been overwhelmingly positive.

The value of integrations

The AppDynamics IPP is designed to foster an open ecosystem of established and emerging technology vendors to deliver a closed-loop platform that enables an intelligent, continually optimized and validated infrastructure. Each partner allows AppDynamics to address different complexities within our mutual customers’ application environments and together, we enable enterprises to provide the best user experiences to customers while advancing their business goals.

The IPP is made up of five categories:

  1. Continuous delivery
  2. Infrastructure compute/network (formerly workload optimization)
  3. User experience
  4. Event & log correlation
  5. Service level & incident management
  6. New solution category coming soon

Each of these categories describes the type of solution that associated integrations provide. IPP partners are carefully curated to address common and niche issues for customers around the world. Ultimately, providing integrations that form a critical building block for full-stack observability within complex technology environments.

The Marketplace

The IPP has a number of resources available for partners and their staff, and this new marketplace platform aims to unify those resources for easier consumption. By providing a centralized platform for partners, customers and employees to access information, the IPP marketplace aims to increase sales pipeline for all partners, and increase visibility of the program’s value. Most importantly, it provides better validated solutions across multiple use cases for our customers.

With an aim to improve the experience for customers, channel partners and existing complimentary tech partners, Craig Ginsberg leader of AppDynamics Integration Partner Ecosystem says, “The ecosystem, while an overused word and meaning many things depending on the audience, must be comprehensive to meet the needs of our customers while driving more business for all parties involved. Once turned on, this ‘network effect’ between like-minded complementary partners creates a ‘flywheel’ churning out better solutions for customers and more qualified opportunities for partners.”

In this new platform, visitors can learn more about partners, view available public documentation and see additional external and internal resources that provide more insight into the functions and use cases of the integration. As Craig explains, “We have embraced an entirely new model that brings our partners closer and empowers them to onboard faster for our customers to quickly determine which use cases across the ecosystem most closely match their needs. This solves real business problems faster and is entirely aligned across our entire FSO stack.”

For more about the Integration Partner Program, download our eBook: Delivering business observability through AIOps and to access the new marketplace, click here.

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