Top 10 Tweets from AppSphere 15

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Weren't able to attend AppDynamics AppSphere 15? Here are the best tweets from the event. Read More.

With more than 1500 attendees, 45 speakers and a cherry red Tesla, the second annual AppSphere was a total success. After 5 days in Vegas, you can bet there was probably a little too much poker, a ton of interesting breakout sessions, and a lot of tweets coming from the application intelligence event of the year.

1. Who doesn’t love to start a user conference with a hype video?

2. When you realize you can’t rely on customer complaints to find problems.

3. Day 1 lead to some pretty big revelations.

4. AppSphere theme: “Impossible before AppDynamics”

5. Even if you missed a presentation, you were still covered.

6. Sending your IT Ops to Vegas on Cyber Monday = major trust in application performance.

7. Fry even made an appearance.

8. Software already ate the world, now it’s figuring out new ways to connect itself.

9. Wise words on friendship were imparted.

10. And let’s not forget about that cherry red Tesla.

Annie Pidgeon

Annie Pidgeon

Annie is the Head of Social Media at AppDynamics.