Top 25 Leaders Transforming the IT Space

January 28 2020

We’re celebrating leaders and innovators in the information technology space. Read more about how they're building the future of IT.

The future is not optional. Today, digital experiences move fast — and so do your customers. You’ve got just seconds to delight them and deliver value, or risk losing them forever.

That’s why it’s not surprising that IT leaders are increasingly preoccupied with just one thing in 2020: Delivering world-class customer experiences reliably, in real-time, and at scale.

But that’s no easy feat.

Application environments are more complex than ever before, and what’s more, usually powered by legacy technology, like mainframes and data centers. Try to modernize your environment, and you might find that legacy mindsets also make transformation exponentially challenging. This level of complexity can be a massive obstacle ⁠— both to success today, and managing change tomorrow.

It takes considerable courage for a leader to overcome these odds while also challenging the status quo — especially in increasingly complex application environments. That’s why we feel there’s never been a better time to celebrate the leaders who are blazing a trail forward.

The list you’re about to see consists of 25 leaders who aren’t afraid to do IT differently. They aren’t afraid to leverage emerging technologies to quickly deliver world-class customer experiences and solve complex business problems. These are passionate operators who are fearless in pursuit of flawless application performance because they know that, ultimately, it’s that attitude that will drive growth in this shifting landscape.

Here are some of the unsung IT heroes we think you should be watching in 2020:

  1. Nemo Hajiyusuf, Software Engineering Manager at Alaska Airlines
  2. Anuj Dhanda, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Albertsons
  3. Sandeep Raikar, Director, IT Infrastructure at Cepheid
  4. Ravi Kakarla, Senior Manager, Application Development at CVS Caremark
  5. Anne Buechlmeir, Service Manager, Real-Time Collaboration at Amadeus IT Group
  6. Ron Teeter, Chief Architect at Jobvite
  7. David Wilson, Senior Director of Infrastructure and Architecture at Paychex
  8. Simon Pearce, Chief Information Officer at Spirit of Tasmania
  9. Torben Frølund, Senior Manager, DevOps at Telenor
  10. Alison Cox, Head of Application Services at Close Brothers
  11. Jesse Haraldson, Principal Software Architect at Thomson Reuters
  12. Steve Whitfield, Director, Site Reliability Engineering at lululemon
  13. Sean Ivusic, Lead Database Administrator at the National Institutes of Health
  14. Jason Anguiano, Director, Systems and Software at DISH Network Corporation
  15. Mary Lauber, RTR IT Lead at 3M Company
  16. Rashidat Kassim, IT Consultant at Estée Lauder
  17. Sajith Ravindranath, VP, Technology Innovation & Transformation at Synchrony Financial
  18. Brandon Preece, IT Director, Enterprise Services at Sorenson Communications
  19. Brian Rupnick, Leader, Cloud Services and Advanced Technologies at MVP Health Care
  20. Chuck Willis, Director, Business Applications Development at University of Kansas Health System
  21. David Cox, Quality Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  22. Hassan (Yousef) Sanad, IT Application Manager at EBE Bank
  23. Chris Han, IT Manager, Agile Center of Excellence at Keysight Technologies
  24. Fabian Tay, Vice President, Project Management, Enterprise Architecture SRE at DBS Bank
  25. Gregg Slimski, Senior Enterprise Architect at CSL Behring


It goes without saying: this is a far-from-exhaustive list. Technologists all over the world are doing amazing things to empower their teams to reimagine what’s possible in their application environments.

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