10 Practical Tips for Making APM a Success

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With every enterprise-grade software tool, there’s a right and a wrong way to use it. Luckily for AppDynamics’ customers, we have superb customer success team to help facilitate this process and teach our users the best practices — this might be why they keep recommending AppDynamics to their friends and family.

That’s why we’ve turned to IT Central Station, known as the “Yelp for IT software”, to help showcase APM best practices from real users of all APM products — not just AppDynamics. They took real reviews, from real users, and compiled an ebook highlighting how to use your APM solution in the most effective way.

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Along with common use case best practices, IT Central Station also recommends some tips to help prospective buyers pick the APM solution that’s right for them including:
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  • finding a solution which automatically discovers your application environment and maps dependencies
  • a good APM solution should have low overhead, you wouldn’t want a performance tool that risks your application performance
  • a dashboard that provides you a single pane glass view with end-to-end visibility

As the IT landscape grows the tools can’t merely be about uptime and performance, but must have business context as well. Comparing metrics such as response time and real-time revenue are becoming the lifeblood of the software-defined industry.

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Tracy Kraft

Tracy Kraft

Tracy is a seasoned marketer with over 10 years of experience at global software and Internet services companies. She has an extensive background in demand generation, marketing automation, marketing communications and field marketing, and is currently the Director of Marketing Programs at AppDynamics.