2015 in Review: 14 Stories on Digital Transformation with AppDynamics

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2015 was nothing short of monumental for AppDynamics. As we we continued to expand across the country and around the globe, AppDynamics development was hard at work enhancing our existing product portfolio, and introduced brand new product capabilities around analytics.

Every customer interaction depends on today’s software defined world, and the success of organizations hinges on the performance of it. Will your region be able to adapt to a progressive, fail fast, fail often mentality, to drive transformational innovation? AppDynamics can help drive the next wave of innovation while mitigating risk, helping your enterprise lead the next technology revolution.

As we look to accomplish our goals for 2016, it’s critical we remain focused on driving customer value and success–helping drive successful customer outcomes and achieve their business objectives. This means helping them look beyond traditional legacy options to fill in new gaps in development strategies, operational processes, and digital transformation initiatives. It’s about empowering clients to enable new technology to drive otherwise unattainable results. AppDynamics does this by minimizing risk and maximizing innovation. Does your current traditional legacy APM vendor empower you?

Take a look at the sample of AppDynamics customers and how we helped contribute to their digital transformation journey.

1. Mohegan Sun

East Coast entertainment destination Mohegan Sun noted our consecutive position on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant when they identified a pressing need for an application performance monitoring solution. With multiple heterogeneous systems across their platform, the team at Mohegan Sun needed a solution that would establish a coherent platform encompassing back-end, front-end, point-of-sale, and customer-facing systems. AppDynamics became the front-runner in the hunt for the right APM tool with its ability to automatically tag and trace business transactions. AppDynamics’ unified, end-to-end monitoring capabilities for both applications and transactions allowed the team at Mohegan Sun to minimize resources that took up time with manual configuration and monitoring. They saw significant performance improvements (in some cases by a factor of 5) once AppDynamics was deployed across its complex and heterogenous environment. AppDynamics also helped improve the customer experience and engagement with Mohegan Sun’s gaming and loyalty applications, boosted efficiency and reduced costs for backend operations.

2. Jostle

Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business’ customers expect their intranets to deliver responsiveness on par with on-premise software. Jostle uses AppDynamics Application Intelligence solution to monitor every aspect of response time levels. If there’s slowdown, Jostle can easily drill down and find exactly where in the stack is causing a problem. Their mean time to recovery has been cut in half given the visibility they gained with AppDynamics. Today, the Jostle team is monitoring around 20 production servers and using AppDynamics Application Performance Monitoring to track both database response time and front-end web response times.

3. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool, a multimedia financial services company, relies on multiple services ranging from podcasts and radio shows to mutual funds and premium investing resources to help millions attain financial freedom. The Motley Fool’s engineering team utilized AppDynamics to run their various stacks, .NET, Python, and Django, while also replacing obsolete profilers to diagnose production problems and capture problematic SQL statements in production environments. With it’s deep, code level visibility and unified monitoring capabilities across multiple technology stacks, AppDynamics was the clear choice for The Motley Fool’s goals. Not only did The Motley Fool’s team gain visibility into application performance, they also increased productivity across its entire engineering organization, and were able to connect insights across development, operations, and business teams.

4. Progressive

Leading insurance provider Progressive sought new resources to upgrade their customers’ experience throughout their applications. They chose AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to provide visibility into all user interactions and transaction flows, real-time business impact and operational insights for decision support, and rapid deployment for the most complex, agile, and dynamic environments. AppDynamics’ monitoring capabilities allowed Progressive to gain an end-to-end view of business transactions, and gather actionable insights to ultimately provide an exceptional experience to their end users.

5. Boeing Employees Credit Union

As a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative with more than 934,000 members, Boeing Employee Credit Union (“BECU”), is guided by the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.” BECU’s internal software stack is built and maintained by its engineering team and is powered by Microsoft technologies. As a credit union, it’s vital for BECU to maintain the mission-critical state of their software applications. After evaluating multiple vendors, including Dynatrace, BECU selected AppDynamics due to our intuitive user interface, ease of configuration in complex environments, and flexible deployment options. Today, BECU uses AppDynamics to monitor its .NET application stack and manage third-party application performance to gain proactive application management capabilities and adoption by both development and operations teams.

6. London School of Economics (LSE)

As a global, renowned institution of higher education, LSE serves approximately 9,600 full-time students every year. As LSE opens its doors to more overseas students from over 140 countries, the demand for digital student resources to enable remote access has skyrocketed. AppDynamics allowed LSE to streamline management of its online services and improve the overall quality of education for their growing student body. We enabled end-to-end visibility for LSE across all digital operations to improve monitoring, quickly locate standout issues, and resolve potential system threats. The deployment speed and quality customer support offered by AppDynamics created the ideal relationship with LSE. Today, LSE is already seeing success with the AppDynamics platform, and the university hopes to roll out operational and business dashboards across other areas to provide wider visibility and strengthen performance across the institution.

7. C Spire

C Spire is a diversified telecommunications and technology services company and operates the nation’s sixth largest wireless communications unit. Their development teams were faced with the manual task of monitoring and troubleshooting customer-facing applications. Today, AppDynamics’ APM takes a snapshot of business transactions to help determine the root cause of the issues, saving manual labor and overhead for technical teams. One of the benefits C Spire found with AppDynamics was its ability to capture rich detail, allowing teams to look into business transaction snapshots without having to manually direct an APM tool to start capturing data, allowing them to follow a proactive business model.

8. The Net-A-Porter Group

The Net-A-Porter Group, a multi-brand retail, media, and publishing group is built on a foundation of technology and innovation designed to grow its business, so it was no surprise when they joined forces with AppDynamics to to help build and operate The Net-A-Porter Group’s new customer-centric network operations center (NOC), driven to attain operational excellence and an ideal user experience to The Net-A-Porter Group’s nine million monthly visitors. The Net-A-Porter Group deployed over 1,000 AppDynamics agents across hybrid cloud environments to reduce complexity and improve end-to-end visibility, and also built up their BizDevOps collaboration.


DIRECTV is one of the world’s leading providers of digital broadcast entertainment, providing a premium experience in television through cutting edge technology and campaigns. And just like every leading company, it focuses heavily on IT and software applications to deliver high valued customer satisfaction to over 39 million customers across the U.S. and Latin America. AppDynamics came to the table for DIRECTV at a critical time. During its renowned pro football Sunday Ticket offering, which offers subscribers access to watch their favorite teams through second screens (mobile applications, desktop, in-home set top boxes), DirecTV started to experience issues with high traffic and load as consumer demand increased. After seeing success with implementing AppDynamics, DIRECTV decided to move forward and deploy a SaaS version of AppDynamics’  APM to monitor its Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js applications. Today, they’re able to produce upgraded alerts and reports with AppDynamics, delivering a much more proactive impact as opposed to its previous after-the-fact reactive performance.

10. HBO GO

HBO GO saw its streaming audience skyrocket as it stepped up as an on-demand programming leader through its HBO GO application. AppDynamics enabled visibility and detailed analytics into locating and fixing potential choke points to establish an exceptional viewing experience. With hit programming like Game of Thrones and True Detective, HBO GO needed a solution that took charge during surge viewership and prevented any bottlenecks during critical peak traffic time. AppDynamics enabled HBO GO to dynamically respond to load changes and scale selected services as needed, allowing them to transition from a reactive to proactive operational model.

11. Hallmark

Hallmark’s engineering team runs on tight deadlines, and like all digital retailers, places a huge importance on its customer experience. As you can imagine, Hallmark’s site has abnormal and inconsistent load times, especially during high traffic periods throughout the holiday season. Ensuring a smooth, seamless experience without stalls, outages, or crashes is extremely important. After evaluating possible solutions, Hallmark’s team selected AppDynamics’ consistent unified monitoring capabilities and cloud deployment, which allowed them to reference data both on and off-site. Today, Hallmark uses AppDynamics to proactively identify application performance issues, prevent downtime for business-critical applications, and provide business insights for better decision-making.

12. The Test Factory

The Test Factory offers online assessment tools targeting the corporate and education industries. In addition to online testing, The Test Factory delivers a full workflow around testing for their customers, including tools for content authoring, user management, and reporting. The engineering team at The Test Factory utilizes an entire Microsoft stack for their web-application architecture hosted in Azure – including C#, .NET, and SQL Server. Previously deployingNew Relic, The Test Factory’s engineering team lacked insight into performance problems within their production environments. With AppDynamics, they were able to find actionable diagnostic information to fix bugs in production and deliver optimal performance.  Today, AppDynamics provides full support and coverage for The Test Factory’s entire Microsoft stack, showing code-level insight into transaction snapshots in production and staging environments with low overhead.

13. DigitasLBi

DigitasLBi is a global marketing and technology agency that transforms businesses for the digital age. DigitasLBi chose AppDynamics to provide end-to-end visibility and best-in-class performance and service to their customers. Through its partnership with AppDynamics, DigitasLBi is able to provide large-scale user experience and performance management of back- and front-end applications for a wide-ranging online and mobile project for one of their high-priority customers. This project alone encompasses 300 global websites and an anticipated 4.5 billion views per year. Together, AppDynamics and DigitasLBi brought optimized website responsiveness, end-to-end, real-time business transaction visibility, and end-user monitoring with detailed behavioral metrics to drive an operationally efficient team at DigitasLBi.

14. eHarmony

Since launching in 2000, eHarmony uses patented algorithms and mathematical models to find that perfect match among their members that are most likely to enjoy a healthy long-term relationship. With an average of 438 eHarmony members being married every single day, eHarmony looks to AppDynamics to help deliver mission-critical performance for their consumer-facing applications. eHarmony migrated several of its key services from legacy Java applications to a Node.js and microservices environment, with AppDynamics playing a critical role throughout development and deployment. AppDynamics helped maintain continuity of service during the migration, and allowed eHarmony to deliver improved performance and scalability on their new system. AppDynamics’ comprehensive monitoring solution, baseline trending, and metric-driven correlation between application health and positive user experience made AppDynamics eHarmony’s top choice for an APM solution.