A Guide to Your AppSphere Agenda: Product Deep Dives

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For the second year in a row, I’ve been honored with the task of managing the Deep Dive sessions at AppSphere. This year we have some really great sessions planned. Much of the content is focused on what we’ve delivered in the last year and what’s coming up in the future for our products and solutions. The vision within the products will be well represented by a mixture of engineering and product management. Some of the highlights within the 13 sessions of this track include platform sessions and specific technology module sessions, along with some analysis of our end user experience data. Check out our session catalog for more information on Deep Dive sessions and how to start building your agenda for AppSphere 2016!

The platform sessions include an overview of our recently announced App iQ Platform. App iQ provides the underpinnings for new levels of scalability and management. App iQ Platform Support for Digital Transformation at Scale will be presented by product manager Akankshu Dhawan and Senior Engineering Manager Gautam Borah. This session will highlight some of the new changes coming to the underlying data platform and architecture, which will enable even greater scalability than the current platform can sustain. Similarly, we have several sessions focused on scaling platform deployments and management such as Mastering the Administration of Your AppDynamics Deployment, which will also be presented by Akankshu Dhawan along with Senior Engineering Manager Wei Zhao. Finally, customers always ask about managing the agents and the growing number of agents in the AppDynamics portfolio to support your expanding application estate, and we have an answer to that. Val Chibisov, Senior Product Manager, will cover our upcoming management technologies in Advanced Agent Deployment Strategies in Large Scale, Complex Environments.

AppDynamics Analytics has been undergoing a large number of changes over the last year. We have several sessions covering these changes, including AppDynamics Analytics Product Deep Dive, an overview of the product updates and path given by Group Product Manager Amod Gupta. Yet another session that goes deeper into the changes happening within the Log Analytics technology, Getting Additional Value from Logs and APM Data with AppDynamics Unified Analytics, is presented by Product Manager Nima Haddadkaveh and Senior Engineering Director Arjun Iyer.

For the other AppDynamics product modules, we’ll have a focus on end user experience monitoring in sessions such as Best Practices and Advanced Insights on Users of Browser RUM. This is an interesting session analyzing performance across the AppDynamics customer base. Led by Group Product Manager Ian Withrow, the session will also highlight differences in technology adoption and performance. We also have a session which covers the evolving synthetic technology, led by Principal Software Engineer and former Bugsense CEO and co-founder Olivier Crameri. Synthetic is a key component to an APM strategy, so make sure to attend Synthetic Monitoring Deep Dive. Finally, for those mobile application developers, we have a lot of capabilities coming in our mobile APM products and lots of best practices to share from our resident mobile expert, Senior Software Engineer Hao Liu. Look out for Hao’s session, Improved Interaction with Mobile UI’s Tips & Tricks.

On the back-end side we have sessions for specific languages, including Under the Hood: Monitoring Azure and .NET, which highlights the ever-evolving .NET and Azure ecosystem, presented by Senior Product Manager Meera Viswanathan. Learn what’s new with dynamic language support in Manage Performance of Dynamic Languages: PHP 7 and Node.js v6. In this session, you’ll find out not only about the changes in these languages, but how AppDynamics supports them. This session will be led by Software Engineer Viktor Gavrielov and Senior Engineer Rakesh Kumar. The data platforms are most often the reason applications perform poorly, so learn how AppDynamics Database Monitoring technology is evolving in terms of platform support, plus additional ways to isolate root cause and support DBAs, developers, operations, and cross-functional DevOps teams. Dive Deep into Your Databases and Data Store Performance to Resolve Application Performance is presented by Database Architect Apun Hiran.

Finally, we’ve invested a lot in broadening infrastructure visibility, including some new products and technologies. Presented by Director of Product Management Harish Nataraj, our infrastructure product wizard, you’ll learn about the evolution of server visibility and how AppDynamics is building additional depth in infrastructure monitoring to enable root cause in Is Your Infrastructure Affecting Critical Business Transactions?

The final session I’d like to highlight is the ever expanding set of exposed APIs and SDKs, including our C++ SDK, which was released earlier this year. In this session, you’ll learn how to use these enhancements and where we’re going in opening instrumentation, transaction tracing, and information re-use from the App iQ platform. Use AppDynamics SDKs to Better Integrate with Your Applications is presented by Manager of Solution Architecture Stefan Marx. Here, you’ll learn how integration and extension are being achieved in the field for our largest customers.

It’s all coming together in the days leading up to AppSphere 2016! Don’t forget to reserve your spot and start planning your agenda today!

Jonah Kowall

Jonah Kowall

Jonah Kowall is the Vice President of market development and insights, helping drive the company’s product roadmap and vision, while developing entry into new markets and providing valuable technology and business insights to fuel the accelerating and broad-based demand for the company’s Application Intelligence Platform. Jonah comes to AppDynamics with a diverse background including 15 years as an IT practitioner at several startups and larger enterprises focused on infrastructure and operations, security, and performance engineering. These included running tactical and strategic operational initiatives, going deep into monitoring of infrastructure and application components. In 2011 Jonah changed careers, moving to Gartner to focus on availability and performance monitoring and IT operations management (ITOM). Jonah led Gartner's influential application performance monitoring (APM) and network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) magic quadrants and research as a research vice president.