AppDynamics helps Media Customer solve Production Slowdown

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Whilst disrupting the APM marketplace is a primary objective for AppDynamics, our ultimate goal is to help customers manage applications performance and solve real world problems using our software. Our unique visibility allows customers to fully understand how their business transactions execute across their infrastructure, so when they slow down, our customers know the where, what and why . I reached out to our customers over the last six weeks and asked them to document how our X-Ray visibility has helped them solve real business problems. The best submission each quarter wins a brand new MacBook Air with runners up receiving t-shirts.

The winner this quarter came from an Media and Entertainment company in the US. Once again, the X-Ray below was documented by the customer and it shows how AppDynamics was able to solve a performance issue in production that had hampered their application for over two years!

 The application is mission critical with over several million business transaction a day!

AppDynamics Pro was installed in production within 45 minutes and took just 30 minutes to find the root cause!

Its nice to hear  a customer say “Everyone now knows what a full night of sleep is like”.

The first screenshot shows many business transactions with high response times in production.

Looking at individual business transactions, some have response times as high as 704 seconds.

Drilling into one of these slow business transactions the user sees the majority of time is spent in JDBC. 

 However, when they drill into these JDBC calls they see an unusual number of rows are being returned by the database as a result of repetitive calls made by their content management system (CMS). 

 The customer removed the piece of code responsible for these repetitive invocations and excessive data access. Application response times across the board dropped with this specific business transaction dropping from 575 seconds to just 16 seconds! Seeing this magnitude of success makes us at AppDynamics extremely proud that we can help customers find the root cause of issues that have plagued their applications for years.

If you want to get started with AppDynamics you can download our free product AppDynamics Lite or request a 30-day trial of AppDynamics Pro. You can be up and running in minutes to solve the darkest of application performance issues in production.

Next week I’ll post the runner up X-Ray we received as well as announcing next quarters competition.

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