AppDynamics and NodeSource Team Up For Enterprise Node.js Monitoring

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AppDynamics is excited to announce its collaboration with NodeSource to provide the best monitoring support for the NodeSource N|Solid runtime. Read more

Node.js is a popular choice with application development teams due to its event-driven, non-blocking, flexible, lightweight and extensible framework which enables faster innovation and adoption of microservices. AppDynamics has supported monitoring of Node.js since 2014. It has been a cornerstone of our Unified Monitoring strategy providing visibility into end-to-end transactions, across disparate tiers and programming languages, to provide a full view of a user’s journey through an application.

That is why we are excited to announce our collaboration with NodeSource to provide the best monitoring support for the NodeSource N|Solid runtime. NodeSource is an active contributor to the Node.js community, and the leader in providing enterprises with a stable and certified Node.js runtime. The NodeSource N|Solid runtime tracks and builds off the Node.js LTS (Long Term Support) release and is augmented with performance tuning, management functionality, enhanced security capabilities and deep insights that enable developers to better understand Node.js applications and services.

“NodeSource customers are utilizing N|Solid to power mission critical applications and depend on enterprise-grade solutions to reliably run their businesses,” said Joe McCann, CEO at NodeSource. “Our collaboration with AppDynamics will give customers better visibility into their Node.js applications by offering deeper visibility and additional metrics that are used to resolve issues faster and allow them to spend more time innovating.”

When the AppDynamics Node.js agent is installed on a NodeSource N|Solid runtime, it automatically collects additional metrics provided by N|Solid and makes them available in the AppDynamics controller, making it faster and easier to monitor and diagnose Node.js performance.



Figure 1. N|Solid Metrics, available from the AppDynamics metric browser, provide additional visibility into event loop activity and other indicators of Node.js process health

Additionally, all of the traditional benefits provided by AppDynamics remain in place such as automated distributed transaction correlation across multiple tiers and instances, process and transaction wide snapshots including database, cache, and NoSQL visibility, and automated performance baselining.

Learn more about AppDynamics support for Node.js and make sure to visit NodeSource to learn more about N|Solid.


Matt Chotin

Matt Chotin

Matt Chotin is Sr. Director of Developer Initiatives at AppDynamics, charged with leading AppDynamics products to better support developers in improving performance and achieving business outcomes. Prior to AppDynamics, Matt held product leadership roles at Chegg and Adobe and co-founded his own startup.