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Learn how Business iQ can be used in collaboration with Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver a better customer experience.

In today’s connected world, every company is a software company. Market tailwinds for digital transformation are only increasing. In the last few years alone, the number of digital touch points your customer has with your business has gone up significantly. In this era of heightened customer expectations and connected devices, the cost of failure has gone up as well. Any application that goes down during critical periods will have a huge impact on the experience of your customers, and ultimately, your business. AppDynamics’ Business iQ sits at the intersection of applications and business and lets you correlate the performance of your application with that of your bottom line in real-time.

As Adobe Summit kicks off in Las Vegas, consider how Business iQ delivers insights into your business that can be used in collaboration with Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver a better customer experience.

Business metrics form a core component of Business iQ. These are relevant values captured from data flowing through your application in real-time and stored in our application intelligence platform. Business metrics are very flexible and can be customized depending on context. For example, you can create a metric that tracks the number of platinum-grade customers interacting with your web or mobile application at any given time. You can also create a metric that tracks the number of high value orders being purchased over time. These metrics can be used to create alerts as well as being displayed on a dashboard.

AppDynamics automatically creates dynamic baselines for your metrics that aid in trend analysis and comparison. This means you can compare the number of platinum customers using your mobile application right now to the number from the same time last week or the average of last month. AppDynamics also lets you create your own baseline. Consider a promotion running on your website — you can tell AppDynamics to create a baseline for the duration of that campaign which can be used to compare metrics from future promotional events. The following two screenshots illustrate the benefit of using dynamic baseline comparison and the different types of dynamic baselines available out of the box.

Business iQ funnel analysis correlates the performance of your critical applications to the number of customers interacting with your applications. You can baseline the volume of customers or transactions at any or all steps. In combination with business metrics, this becomes a very powerful tool for analysis which allows you to drill down from a deviant metric to the underlying root cause, as shown below.


In this typical e-commerce flow, you can quickly see that there is an application performance issue at the “Confirmation Step” and also with the number of customers at the “Submit Payment” and “Order Confirmation” steps. There are many more powerful capabilities in Business iQ — AppDynamics Query Language, Relevant Fields, Powerful Widgets and visualizations, reporting, scheduling, and more — all making the extraction of such insights simple and easy.

AppDynamics’ Business iQ excels at measuring the impact of your application’s performance on your business. Every time a metric in Business iQ deviates from the norm, AppDynamics will be able to tell you if it’s related to a performance issue in your applications. Our powerful diagnostic capabilities will let you troubleshoot that issue without a change in context. In those situations where an application performance issue is not the root cause, you can marry the data from Business iQ with the powerful capabilities in Adobe Marketing Cloud to gain real-time insights. Marketers can extract the list of customer identifiers impacted during a particular incident and use Adobe’s Marketing Cloud to trigger marketing events like a personalized win-back campaign. During critical periods like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or even a high value promotion, automated notifications can be sent from AppDynamics to Adobe Marketing Cloud in real-time about the occurrence and remediation of incidents along with a list of impacted customers.

All business is reliant on the experience of customers and driven by digital technology, including retail websites, applications, and in-store systems. Prior to Adobe and AppDynamics, retailers had piecemeal digital marketing tools and no cross-application view into performance. By using Adobe Marketing Cloud and AppDynamics, the marketing department and IT — as well as the CMO and CIO — are better able to understand the needs of their customers and optimize performance to deliver the most satisfying user experiences possible.

Amod Gupta

Amod Gupta

Amod is the Senior Product Manager for the C/C++ monitoring agent at AppDynamics