AppDynamics Launches State & Local Government and Education Division (SLED)

October 02 2019

Through our newly established SLED division, AppDynamics will provide state and local government and educational organizations with customer-focused analytics for creating positive digital experiences.

IT organizations in state and local government and education are always striving to deliver high-quality digital services that offer positive, seamless experiences. That’s why AppDynamics has established its new SLED division—to help SLED organizations understand the connections between application performance, customer experience and business objectives to ensure the end-user has an optimal digital experience.

Unparalleled Visibility Across IT Stack

Building upon our proven track record in the commercial and federal sectors, AppDynamics will provide customer-focused analytics that transform how SLED organizations monitor and optimize the user experience with digital services and applications. AppD’s single unified platform gives SLED teams unparalleled visibility across the entire IT stack, allowing them to monitor every end user’s business transactions in real-time.

“Through our newly established SLED division, we’re providing state and local government and education organizations with the application intelligence needed to provide positive digital experiences,” said Matt Smith, Regional Sales Director, SLED at AppDynamics. “We’re committed to helping these organizations modernize their legacy systems, expand the use of cloud services and optimize their digital operations—enabling them to better serve their customers, including faculty, students, internal staff, alumni, business partners and other citizens.”

Quickly Identify and Fix Problems

The launch of AppDynamics’ SLED division comes at a critical time for government and educational institutions, which increasingly are focused on providing high-quality, seamless digital experiences. In today’s digital age, the application is the business. It’s imperative that SLED organizations have the ability to monitor their critical business transactions, proactively identify the root cause of existing and potential issues, and quickly fix those issues that are either eroding their customers’ experiences or, more importantly, depriving them of critical services.

AppDynamics aims to transform and optimize IT performance for state, local and educational organizations by providing a unified application performance platform that’s integrated and scalable across all data stacks. By giving IT and program managers visibility into every user and transaction, AppDynamics will enable organizations to quickly recognize and resolve issues, and ensure a consistent, positive user experience.

Learn more about our new AppDynamics SLED division and offerings.

Jay Smith
Jay Smith is a Regional Account Director on the AppDynamics SLED team and currently works with organizations in the US Mid-Atlantic region. He has more than 20 years of experience in the public sector, 17 of those focused on state, local and higher education markets.

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